Tengu Ahoy!

TenguAfter almost all 3 years my oldest EVE character can fly one a Tengu. Especially when I don’t really consider my oldest character a Combat Pilot much and more an Industrialist Scientist and Market Trader mostly. A bit of detour for months to get combat skills high enough to complete all Sub Capital ship training as well be able to fly a Tengu. Also as well be able to fit T2 Weapons Turrets, T2 Ammo and all that.

Finished training also for T2 Rockets and in about 6 days be done with T2 Light Missiles for my oldest character and them be done with Spaceship Command related training and back to final part of T3 Hull Construction training to actually constructs the ships hull.

Not sure when I will actually ever fly a Tengu though, as my character usually handcrafted all the ships he has flown so far (except Freighter). He would have to actually build a Tengu. Overall shiny ships don’t really tickle him much.

2 thoughts on “Tengu Ahoy!

  1. My oldest character (3.5 years) has also recently trained into a Tengu. I’m still working on maximizing the subsystems. I’m trying to sell my recently bought Gila to help ease the blow ISK-wise. It’ll be nice to finally take the helm of, what many describe as, the pinnacle of PVE/w-space starships. I’m super excited.


  2. Even with a wave of minor nerfs tengus are extremely good and excel at certain things – such as exploring. If you want to take advantage of Odyssey you might want to make yourself a tengu.


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