Sprucing up The Corner Office

Photo by Karl Solano on Pexels.com

Have been working my way at getting back into regular blogging here at the corner office on my side of the interweb. It’s been a while since my blogging hiatus. So in making myself comfortable again, I played around a bit and updated the theme to a new one I really liked, and move a few pieces of furniture around. I like the look and just more inviting when I sit down and ponder just what to write.

The WordPress Editor

At first, I couldn’t figure out just what the hell the new Block Editor tool was when I started figuring out how to post again. It seemed quite wonky, couldn’t make sense of it since I’ve been used to the old Classic Editor tool for well over a decade-plus now. Being on hiatus a while, I didn’t know WordPress had updated to a new Block Editor with Gutenberg update. I would seem to almost lose my mind every time I tried to make a new blog post and It was using the Block Editor. I just have absolutely no love at all for using the Block Editor for writing new blog posts.

When I updated the new Theme, the Dashboard seemed to have changed a bit in look as well I couldn’t figure out what had happened to the Classic Editor for writing and editing blog posts and pages. I spent the entire Friday evening till well into the morning trying to figure out how to regain use of the Classic Editor function. The Gutenberg Block Editor can go to hell a million times over.


Just playing making changes when I have time to around here on AD with this WordPress New Blog Theme: Dynamic News. I like the look of the Demo features of it. So far haven’t changed much other than activated the New Blog Theme.

*Things I should have done before moving on from EVE when I was still Rich: Commission Rixx Javix over at EVEOGANDA to make me a personal Blog Logo for AD as well a Header and Background that match. Ahh well, too late I can’t afford it with ISK’s.

What I’m up to:

  • Not playing any games of any kind currently.
  • Just relaxing and living life.
  • Still reading various blogs when I have time… it’s a habit.
  • Watching YouTube…
  • Working. This past week I had a 84+ hour work week. Today was my off day and slept most of the day. Life!


Flipping It

I like playing around with my smart phone (iPhone) and marvel at what technology can do and leads to these days with apps, who doesn’t. Recently started playing with some more apps and got to like using the app Flipboard.

I tend at time to read a bit of my Twitter and some RSS feed while flipping through the Flipboard app and it makes tweets looks really cool. But at the same time I tend to just read a lot of other things across a wide variety topics that I also find interesting and come across interesting stuff to read.

Playing with the Flipboard app I just made some the interesting things I come across in reading into a magazine. Flipboard lets you create magazines around you interest or whatever fancy your liking of things to read or pulling from lots of news and magazine article sources.

So I created a Flipboard Magazine called Ardent’s World. You can also check it out typing the link: http://flip.it.zjvFM

Just a magazine about things other than games or maybe that too if its interesting. Thing I come across that’s interesting about things in Life, Earth, Space and Cosmos Beyond. Just thought I share it here.

If you use Flipboard enough for whatever reason, well you can create your own magazine as well about whatever you want it to be about.

Real Life: New Job, Moving & Taking a Break

I really have a lot of stuff to do and that needs to get done in Real Life at the moment. I’ve been job hunting for quite a while and looking forward to leaving my current job behind. And I’ve finally found the job I’ve kinda been looking forward to all this time. Last day of my current job is Friday though I’m off till Friday.

I start the new Job next week which is great but I’ll have to move about 4 and a half hours across the state for the new job. That’s not too bad. The first week on the job I’ll be flying to Pennsylvania for a week of training so that doesn’t quite affect my current address as much as yet. But eventually I’ll have to be moving soon to some new address I haven’t figured out as yet. Moving is a job in itself and really a busy time for anyone moving address.

It’s been just a few months short of 10 years since I last moved. And I’ll likely be doing that again quite soon. Moving can be a lot of headache, but sometimes its just necessary. However there is also just a lot of stuff to do all the way around and some other things I’d like to also take the time to work on and get done as well during the time. Plus I’d likely be busy as well trying to sell my townhouse at some point soon. Gaming time will just be limited and only when necessary and likely not a priority.

Needless to say I’ll likely be busy for a while and just quite distracted with a lot of more important things to do and take care of in real life. Gaming is just going to be put on the back burner till things get situated and some other things that need to get done get taken care of as well.

Thus it’s probably a good time to take a break from gaming and blogging for a while. No idea how long that will be. But right now just a lot of stuff to do and take care of in Real Life for a while and that’s just way more important.

Have a Great Memorial Day!

Fallen Comradesof War….. but never forgotten.
Fallen Comrades of War….. but never forgotten.

It’s Memorial Day here in the US, last monday in May. As usual it’s the day we as a nation remember, honor, pay respects and give thanks to all those who have served and died in uniform while in the Armed Forces of this nation and in many of this nations many past Wars. As well to honor and remember those in uniform who have died serving in current wars deployed somewhere in the world today in harm’s way.

For the rest of most typical americans it’s just another holiday, time to go shopping for holiday sales, have some friends/family over and fire up the BBQ. For some sorry souls they will end up burning down the house while throwing a BBQ. Don’t be that guy/gal.

As a Veteran myself I didn’t know anyone who died personally while in uniform service, however I did have one friend whom I served with who passed away briefly after he was out of service. But I honor and salute all those who while in uniform service paid the ultimate price with their lives.

Have a safe and good Memorial Day! Drive safe for the holiday and enjoy all the BBQ!