Mining Operation continued for Scrap Iron at the 3rd Crypt. The yield of the Scrap Iron obtained I consider a really good haul at 109 pieces obtained after purging all enemies within and clearing out the crypt. Lots of coins and other treasures as well looted from here and transported during daylight with all the scrap iron back to the tower outpost. Much more skeletons seem to be around and roaming about today as well and made for some little encounters. Maybe a spawn point is somewhere close by. I stick to just daytime activity roaming thru the swamp as much as possible as it’s just too dangerous at night to be roaming around.

Swamp vicinity location of BONEMASS

After hauling everything other than Iron Ore back to the main base via the outpost portal I considered what to do next. So far it’s been crypt after crypt mining. I decided to go on an excursion in search of the exact location on the map from the runestone for Boss BONEMASS. I Figured it was just easier to follow the normal safe path I’ve taken to the other crypts at least and make a beeline to BONEMASS location to see exactly what the geography is around the location.

On my way just paid attention to what I can see well into the distance in the Swamp. Not that you can really see all that much with clarity either there during the day. But I did happen to notice quite a few locations for Surtling’s spawn activity, Elite Draugr Spawn Camps (2), a Stone Tower Outpost and quite a number of new crypts found all along the way. Thus I updated my charted map as always for the notes of interest. I basically though just avoided being too close to the Draugr Spawn Camps. I remember how much work it was the last time to clear one of those camps out while also spawning an Elite up close which made me take a dirt nap in the swamp. Dying is off the menu for today if I can help it. However, it was great to find a lot more crypts to explore and mine for more Scrap Iron as needed.

BONEMASS Spawn Location Skull

As well, very much made use of the Hoe to level a walking path through the swamp to the intended runestone location of BONEMASS. Well, I found him! The spawn location is on elevated soil and not in the middle of a swamp lake of sort of water, so that’s great. However, lots of water around nevertheless and will have to do a lot of work to fix all of that. The crypt close by might also pose some strategic advantage for setting up another portal location or at a high stone tower spotted not too far away so less trekking thru the swamp. Will have to explore that tower later to see what is over there as well.

But for today’s excursion, I can now say I have the exact location of Boss BONEMASS charted and I’m exactly there. A whole lot of preparation will now need to be done for my solo affair fight with the boss and I have yet to move a single scrap of Iron out of any of the Swamp areas I’ve been to. Lots of work ahead. And since I have to do some traveling this week for real-life work, it will be a bit slow going for yet another week with Valheim.


It didn’t take long venturing into the new Swamp to find a Crypt, as it was right along my path with that green glow torch to light the way. Standing still at the new crypt and looking all around I could spot another crypt in the distance as well. That’s much better than the last swamp area with only just one crypt.

Valheim Swamp Crypt

Had some food and headed into the crypt. Killed a few Draugr wandering back and forth as I entered, and started mining Scrap Iron. Clearing a patch of Scrap Iron ran into my first Elite Draugr in a crypt and didn’t really notice it was an elite at first. I just didn’t have enough stamina and had to take a muddy dirt nap on the crypt floor. On round two and with more stamina ran quickly back to the crypt. Retrieve all my gear quickly running into the room and back out. Switched to flaming arrows from outside the room and pelted the Elite Draugr from the sneaking stance. Treated every other possible encounter in the crypt and clearing all Scrap Iron piles with caution from the other side where there is a tendency to be monsters. However, this crypt seemed like a small crypt and only yielded just 23 Scrap Iron.

Vakheim Swamp

Picked up everything from mining operations and made way to the second Crypt. It had everything Elite’s Draugr’s, Draugr’s, and Blobs. But one thing was also obvious in that It had lots of hallways, lots of Scrap Iron piles everywhere with entrance to other rooms and more Scrap Iron piles. Dropped a Camp Fire on a platform and went mining. Standard Procedure ongoing to new crypts is to take at least 5 stones and at least 5 pieces of wood for the fire which helps with both Health & Stamina Regen. This crypt interesting enough also had two different locators for the swamp boss which seemed interesting to me as most had only one.

Valheim Swamp Crypt
Swamp Crypt Jackpot! So much Scrap Iron.

I completely mined out the place of Scrap Iron, but not before making at least 4-5 trips or so back and forth to the main base via the Outpost to repair my mining PickAxe and transit some non-Scrap Iron material. A Troll seems to have set up a spawn point not far from the tower outpost and right on the edge of the Black Forest and Swamp biome. So traveling back and forth to the crypts I’ve had to wackjob him. Two times now in fact for two different Trolls.

Valheim Scrap Iron

While the first Crypt only yielded just 23 Scrap Iron, that second crypt was far more worthwhile with 127 pieces of Scrap Iron mined. As the Chest at the new outpost holds all the metal ore that I have accumulated so far from this new swamp area which cannot be transported via the portal. Along with the boat construction material in the chest. The goal now is to gather at least enough Scrap Iron to completely fill a Chest which would be 300 pieces of Scrap Iron. I figure at that point, I should have enough Iron to use for transporting, refining as well making all the new weapons and armor I’ll need and for a while. We’ll see how things go at the third crypt, beyond that, and finding the exact location of Boss Bonemass not too far away inland.

VALHEIM: A Whole Lot of PLAINS In PLAIN Sight!

Shore Mapping the New Island

After setting up the new Outpost Base on the new Island. Instead of immediately go in search of Crypts, I decided to chart around the island to see what biome areas are there but also to see if there was any closer landing point to the Boss Bonemass. Apparently not. It’s one big island with what seems like a river running thru it on the southern side separating The Plains.

What I also discovered was that there are a lot of Plains on this Island and very extensive areas of Plains all on the southern side. As well there is a massive Snow Mountain region all along the entire length of the island it seems which you can see all the way around the island from every biome skimming the shore in the Karve. That will make it easier to hop over to the Plains after I’ve beaten Bonemass and done with the swamp area. As not too far to the south of the Outpost is the Plains with a large settlement of some kind immediately as you cross into the Plains biome which I had marked on the newly charted map.

VALHEIM: Ocean Adventure and New Swamp Lands at Bonemass Location

BONEMASS Boss Location

Until last night, I haven’t had any playtime in VALHEIM for an entire week! Since the last blog post, I’ve had a whole lot of real-world things that needed to be done and spent a lot of that time catching up on getting real-life stuff done. And so I managed to get in a couple hours of focused playtime last night and decided to go boating across the ocean on new adventures. The plan was to travel to the distant land in search of the next Boss Bonemass location as well in search of a much better Swamp Biome to find more Crypts and more Scrap Iron. The previous swamp location only yielded just 1 Crypt and barely 30 pieces of Scrap Iron’s which are still stored at the area Outpost base.

So I traveled via Portal to a new Outpost Base in a meadow area on the other side of the swamp, one of two bases in that swamp location. Crafted a new boat a Karve and was off to another ocean adventure.

Things got a bit adventurous when I soon encountered my first Sea Serpent along the way. Not just one, but two Sea Serpents at the same time in what was calm weather. Old folk’s tale speaks of Viking sailors seeing mighty Sea Serpents in stormy weather. But it was calm seas and not too far from the shores of the Black Forest. Alone at sea with no real way to fight Sea Serpents and let alone two of them at the same time, I decided to unfold the sails, pick up speed and outrun them both. They attacked, the ship but it held together and manage to outrun them with the Karve. The fog of the sea was heavy and passing swamp areas on both sides. When I land sighted a clearing of meadow area decided to go ashore and make any necessary boat repairs. I wasn’t fond of encountering another sea creature, taking boat damage, and drowning at sea. There was obvious boat damage and repaired it all.

Valheim Map to Bonemass
The New Island at Bonemass Location

Spotted a really large village settlement on what seems like the edge of the Black Forest area and boated closer to shore to take a better look. It appears to have been a large Draugr Settlement Camp as I could see Draugr’s up in a large high tower as snipers and activity on the ground between Draugr and Greydwarf’s. The Draugr’s fired a couple of arrows my way, but they missed. Marked the location and focused on my ocean voyage. Skimming along the coast it seemed that Bonemass’s location indicated it was on a different island to the one I was skimming along the coast too. Across the ocean again I sailed only seeing what seems like an impressively large mountain far on the horizon.

The Fog was heavy all along the coastal area. At first, I saw what seems like a meadow area, but it was The Plains biome. The ship got attacked by a lone Deathsquito on shore patrol, death avoided as the ship held together. But I was out of there with haste picking up speed! Quickly after I encountered what seemed like the swamp area I was looking for. And so with daylight, I slowly skimmed the shore area from afar taking notes of anything interesting (Crypts) and a place I could make a landing with the ship. I spotted what seems like an abandoned old house very much elevated on the shore. Going in for closer observation spotted several Leeches that made that closer look seem like a very bad idea. So down the coast, I sailed. Not too long after spotted not only a Black Forest biome area. Right next to the swamp I observed an old stone tower that would seem to make a good new Outpost Base. Just after beating up a couple of Greydwarf’s for the new Outpost Base of course.

The first task at hand, destroy the ship! Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to leave no ship ever unguarded close to shore for it to be attacked and lose the construction material. So gather up all the materials after and entered the old stone tower to make it a new Outpost Base. Dropped a Workbench, then immediately made a new portal. Before leaving on my ocean adventure, the last thing I did was to make a new portal at the main base. Portal “DELTA”. Yes, that’s 4 in military-speak for my naming convention of portals. I’m a Vet! I had taken just the materials needed to make another portal at the new land when I finally got there. Connected the new portal also “DELTA” and now had quick easy travel back to my main base and for supplies.

Mission accomplished for today’s ocean adventure to new lands, Bonemass location, and finding new swamp biome area. I hope this swamp area has more Crypts than the last.


The Eastern Island Swamp

Journeyed to the Eastern Swamp and went rogue in search of Crypts with green torches. Found an old broken platform of a house and decided to take some time to fix it up and make it a portal outpost back to my main base for quick access back and forth. Took a little time to fix up the new outpost and was off sneaking around fighting the enemy from the shadows, from atop downed tree trunks, and behind trees. From a stone tower, I eradicated it of Draugr’s then made a little base with fire as a lookout tower in the swamp. I had come upon an enemy camp and got my ass kicked trying to intrude upon an Elite Draugr Spawn.

Returned to the tower and chilled out for the night for the most part. Not being too far from the enemy camp I decided in the night to snipe the camp with my bow from afar with flaming arrows. I have to say that was some roguish fun and completely cleared it. Picked up all the treasure that was stashed there in a chest. I also found taking a Hoe with me was a good choice for raising the land a bit so as not to get as wet walking thru the water there.


It didn’t take too long before I found my first Crypt. Snuck in with the key, made a campfire inside, and went to work mining and eradicating the enemy within.

Eradicated all the enemies within the Crypt and completely mined out the place of Scrap Iron… all 30 pieces of it. I need more Scrap Iron!
From within the Crypt, I found the location of the swamp boss Bonemass. He seems to be way across the ocean from here. That’s going to be a very long boat trip.VALHEIM

Searched around the swamp area while fighting off the enemy all along the shore, trekking thru the swamp, and just couldn’t find any more Crypts around here. Found a meadow area and an abandoned house. Repaired the house and made it another outpost setting up another portal within the house. Searching around the swamp I found the Plains and avoided the wrath of the “Deathsquito” whom I could clearly see buzzing around at a distance by going stealth. I just avoided the Plains area for the most part.

However, searching all around the swamp area I just couldn’t find any more Crypts. Just the one Crypt I had found a bit earlier was it. That means no more Scarp Iron can be had here. Seems I’m going to have to travel to yet another swamp area in search of Crypts for mining Scrap Iron. Maybe I just have to travel to the boss island swamp to find more Crypts as I can’t seem to find any more here.