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Recovery & New Surroundings.

It’s been some unknown passage of time since rescue and being in recovery from cryostasis. I’m certainly not in Kansas anymore. These UEE guys have also confiscated my ship, likely for its unknown technology. But it’s good to be alive though. In questioning, since didn’t seem to pose a security threat, I was released on my own accord.

My surroundings are all unfamiliar. But ships still fly and the backdrop of space is still a familiar surrounding. This world and it’s ways are new to me. Still somehow I eventually did manage to find a job at a nearby shipyard unloading space cargo. It get’s me by time wise. There’s plenty of work it seems, the shipyard is a busy place.

But word around the docs is, could possibly make out better running crew. Many ships frequent the shipyard, and some seem to be looking for experienced hands. I may look into that. Could be a good way to learn and get around the local system. After all this world is still all new to me.


It’s A Long Way Back & To Another Galaxy!

HeraldIt’s been a long time. A time lost journeying through that pocket in space. Lost adrift in far unknown space. So long-lost adrift he entered in Cryostasis. left journeying adrift among the great vast void of very deep outer space. To most…. seemingly lost forever among the stars.

And so it was, untold time passed lost and seemingly dead.


Transmission Log

UEE Military Herald (..) Gamma Recon Long Range Relay Data Packet Transfer: Message UEE Super Encrypted …

  • De-encrypted..
    – Unknown cataloged ship of origin technology found adrift in uncharted gamma sector UEE deep space.
    – One lone survivor.
    – Crew member found in some form of Cryostasis. Cryo Suspension Technology unknown.
    – Ship exact location Data Secure Key-Encrypted (..) in data transfer packet.
    – UEE Military Special Ops Cryo Medical rescue requested.
    – End Herald (..) Data Transfer.
    – Data packet received UEE Sector (…)


 It’s obviously not New Eden anymore!

Star Citizen – Racing

Not one the reason I supported the game since Kickstarter but as the game comes together, definitely something I can see enjoying in the persistent universe. I can see betting on racing or taking my Kruger P-72 Archimedes on haul to the racing circuit when time allows.

Definitely one the absolute best racing video’s I’ve seen for SC so far in Alpha.

Star Citizen Space Donation

I’ve always loved space games not just MMO’s. I like everything about Interstellar Space and the Cosmos as well, which is partly why I like space games. The way I look at it competition can be very good for Space Sims already in MMO business. It can be a very good way to force those that are already in the sector, complacent in development, to raise their standard of game development. I’ve heard about Star Citizen over the last few months like everyone else and its development. I checked out the site and not too much beyond that I did. So I didn’t sign up on their site and read their forums or anything like that. I just eyed it from a distance with all that’s happening around the game with funding and all that, reserving whatever my thoughts were about it to myself. And that was mostly it.

I did revisit the game site this weekend and checked it out a bit more. I’ve yet to pledge support to any Kickstarter game out there and can’t say I really game it much thought usually as nothing really had my interest. But I’d love to see better quality MMO games created as a gamer  as well games I like and not just hope someone will do it one day. I’d like to find something I can believe in with vision as a gamer and a space game to say the least if any game. Something about the vision of this game and its creator made me want to do more than think of it as a great idea.Yet another potential competitor in the Space Sims MMO arena.

Until just a moment ago I had yet to even sign up on the website or anything. I’d almost forgotten how much time was left in the crowdfunding. So I decided to go ahead and sign up and donated as a supporter to help create something with a vision that the creator believes in, as well something I’d like to see get created as well. I don’t care to visit the forums and ask questions or whatever else, I know enough for me to decide to act. It sounds and looked good to me so far as well in support of the game. That was enough for me to also decide to donate to a good cause.

I can only hope Robert Space Industries (RSI) gets the rest of the funding they need and all the continued support to make this game vision possible and bring it to market. So I guess I was donor Space Citizen 67530 when I donated.

Making Space Games was never dead or without lack of support. Just more lacked someone with a great vision to want to create something other than more of the same, something great,  as well push the envelope of what was previously possible.