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MBOI: Getting Started in Media Blogging or rather Blogging about Online Films.

My blog is just mainly about me playing online games and sometime RL while playing games. But I’ve always been a huge movie fan and a fan of watching good new release movies. As well I watch some online film talk about movies and their review. Often I mostly watch AMC Theaters Movie Talk for the latest news on YouTube, along with a few others if they are good to know whats coming soon. Reviewing Movies is not my kinda thing really… I just say if I like it or not. But gamers like movies too. In an age where you, yes you with your own passion can author and add your voice to the world of online media Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Vid Channels as a Gamer. How exactly do you start or how exactly do you also start in the world of Online Film Review today?

I came across this Video watching AMC Movie Talk today. I decided to post it that someone else might find it of interest who may want to start a movie blog, video blog or YouTube Movie Review Channel. It’s not one their normal video or review at AMC Movie Talk. But because so many people keep asking the question John at AMC Movie Talk did a review about how does one get started in Online Film Reviews. It’s a bit long at almost 2 hours about the subject. But if its something that appeals to you, your likely to watch most of it for the interest or learn how to get started. Watching something for that long don’t bore me as i find all sorts of things interesting to learn. It struck me how much similar in some ways it is to just starting a blog about anything and sticking with it or maybe even starting your own Podcast, YouTube Channel if your really good at that kind of thing about gaming or movies.

I have no interest in starting a blog doing online film reviews. But who’s not to say you might be interested in that sort of thing or even starting your own blog about gaming, the advice is the same. There are never enough voices in blogging or video media! If your really good you will stand out in time if you stick with it and become a success. We all come and go everyday and for some of us our interest may change. But if starting a media blog doing online film review appeals to you, well the video might be of interest to you. Yet everything that’s mentioned in the video above… works for just starting a blog itself and being successful at it also. All great tips and information.

So if you’ve ever wanted to start an Online Media Blog, Podcast, Video Blog, YouTube Vid Channel, whether it be in Online Gaming or Online Movie Films Review… you have all the advice in the world to get started already. Just get started and get on with it.


MBOI: Might Be Of Interest.



Just playing making changes when I have time to around here on AD with this WordPress New Blog Theme: Dynamic News. I like the look of the Demo features of it. So far haven’t changed much other than activated the New Blog Theme.

*Things I should have done before moving on from EVE when I was still Rich: Commission Rixx Javix over at EVEOGANDA to make me a personal Blog Logo for AD as well a Header and Background that match. Ahh well, too late I can’t afford it with ISK’s.

What I’m up to:

  • Not playing any games of any kind currently.
  • Just relaxing and living life.
  • Still reading various blogs when I have time… it’s a habit.
  • Watching YouTube…
  • Working. This past week I had a 84+ hour work week. Today was my off day and slept most of the day. Life!


Not an Exciting Day

Just happened to watched the EVE Online: Rubicon Trailer and to be honest I couldn’t really get excited about it and or be looking forward to the expansion. At a quick glance I can’t even honestly remember what the current game expansion is called or anything feature wise that’s really in the current expansion. My mind seems so far removed from New Eden.

I just log in when I can remember to update my character skill queue and often character skill queue is inactive at best.


Not the best of days at work today. Almost everything seem to go wrong and lots of piping leaked on our startup project at the site. It was below freezing this morning.  8″ PVC pipe busted. leak got fixed, it leaked again, got fixed and then leaked again. Replaced all the gaskets and it seemed to be fixed. And somehow after that another 8″ scheduled 80 PVC piping cracked and leaked all over the place during testing. Obviously not in a good spot of course to get it repaired. And right after that the same line that got fixed earlier again and again and again blew big time and leaked lots and lots of water all over the place right when we was about to call it a day. So days things just seem to go very wrong. Life!

Flipping It

I like playing around with my smart phone (iPhone) and marvel at what technology can do and leads to these days with apps, who doesn’t. Recently started playing with some more apps and got to like using the app Flipboard.

I tend at time to read a bit of my Twitter and some RSS feed while flipping through the Flipboard app and it makes tweets looks really cool. But at the same time I tend to just read a lot of other things across a wide variety topics that I also find interesting and come across interesting stuff to read.

Playing with the Flipboard app I just made some the interesting things I come across in reading into a magazine. Flipboard lets you create magazines around you interest or whatever fancy your liking of things to read or pulling from lots of news and magazine article sources.

So I created a Flipboard Magazine called Ardent’s World. You can also check it out typing the link:

Just a magazine about things other than games or maybe that too if its interesting. Thing I come across that’s interesting about things in Life, Earth, Space and Cosmos Beyond. Just thought I share it here.

If you use Flipboard enough for whatever reason, well you can create your own magazine as well about whatever you want it to be about.

A Real Life Project… Years Delayed

Moving and changing jobs was a good thing for a lot of reasons. It can also really be a life disruptor that sometime has a way of refocusing you to pay attention to other things you just may have neglected to do. My current interest in EVE and MMO gaming in general is really not that great at the moment, though I may still play occasionally. Something I’ve really been meaning to do for a long time has been staring me in the face for years but just neglecting to work on it. After staring back at it for a long while I decided I’ll spend more time in RL to do things but to also work on an old real life project I really need to do. It’s so way past due!

Way back before I started playing Online Games and MMO’s I had other hobbies like Astronomy and Marine Aquariums. In particular I used to spend the time doing Reef Keeping maintaining a Salt Water Marine Aquarium. Somehow along the way I got distracted playing Online Games and MMO’s. But for years maintaining a Reef Aquarium was very much a hobby I also enjoyed very much.

Years back I started in the hobby learning much about Reef Keeping and with a little 20 gallon Salt Water Aquarium. Slowly over time and years worked my way up maintaining and moving up to a 55, 90 gallon aquarium enjoying the hobby. Eventually I made the huge leap forward in the hobby purchasing and moving up to a 180 gallon custom pre-drilled glass Tank/Stand. That was back in early 2005 and a huge investment for a custom glass Tank/Stand.

A very empty 180 gallon Aquarium Tank.

A very empty 180 gallon Aquarium Tank.

A 180 gallon aquarium tank is huge! Setting up such a tank is an often huge and expensive project. One that you also have to get right from the very beginning and does require you to take your time. It’s far from easy to make changes after a huge aquarium is all done and completely setup. The plan back then was to set up the aquarium as a project with some planning as to how to properly go about doing so. Somehow I got sidetracked and never got around to doing it.

That was 8 years ago! I can’t believe that much time has passed either.

I never sold or got rid of the aquarium, yet I saw it every single day with it quietly reminding me that I have yet to start working on the project to set it up. When I moved a few months ago I never sold the aquarium either, but I could have. Would have made some good money selling it as it was perfectly unused. I had decided when my moving was complete I’d eventually work on getting back into the aquarium Reef Keeping hobby and finally go about setting up my 180 gallon aquarium tank. It would be the perfect time after a move. Putting off that project for 8 years is a long time while distracted by such things as playing MMO games.

I think it’s about time I finally start working on my old hobby project. I don’t think anyone will complain about that or should! It’s a very time-consuming hobby. Yet I’ve forgotten much about the Hobby after that time as well.


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