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Paying the Bills

I might be one of the 10-20% that choose to remain and play EVE for longer than 1-2 months as a solo player and become part of the universe. I’ve help create and affect content in my solo play in how I’ve played EVE. It may not be PVP but I’m a paying customer all the same.

In 4 years of EVE I’ve maybe not subscribed for maybe at most 4 months max or so maybe. Yet in all those months on 2 accounts I’ve mostly happily paid my subscription to CCP via my VISA Card charged monthly. In the last year alone I’ve barely paid EVE all that much drastically scaling back my EVE time, yet I’ve remained a paying customer VISA charged monthly on my only 2 accounts I’ve ever had. Only once in my entire lifetime as a player have I ever bought 1 single PLEX to know how it worked.

You can’t tell me many players who may play the game solo or mostly solo, as well pay CCP monthly month after month are not valued customer to CCP in helping to pay the bills with hard cash. Its more like neglected customers because of their playstyle.

CCP should be doing more, as well a better job or retaining many the new players that at least choose to take a look at the game. As well as ALL players playing the game vs just catering to a subset of EVE players.

I for one can’t help keep paying CCP’s bills and failings when I know players like me are being neglected and taken for granted.


Updated: 05/14/14


4 Years of EVE Online

I haven’t been at my office desk or space desk that much lately or for a while. At least not that often to realize as of 05/06 that both my EVE Characters are now officially 4 years old. I’ve surely never expected to be here this long or be apart of EVE or this community. EVE for me started out of pure curiosity and never expected I’d ever be here this long.

Ametius 4 years of EVE

Ametius: 77.5 Million Skill Points.

I have not the time to dedicate to a long post, nor do I have the desire to write one as of years past. This will just remain as a footnote in time, for this blog and my gaming activities. Documentation of my time existing somewhere in New Eden.

Alothos 4 years of EVE

Alothos: 70.1 Million Skill Points.

It’s just such a coincidence that I’ve reached this particular milestone at this very time….

DUST to Dust

Saw some Fanfest video feed and announcement today. So I feel for the DUSTBunnies that felt like they got a hot Nova Knife attending Fanfest in the back and likely across the spine. I haven’t played DUST514 in months just walking away from the game. Just my choice. But having played the game since Beta, I feel and understand your pain.

It sucks to be you right now I know.

But such is life and such is New Eden. It’s a brutal world in New Eden we all know it already.

I’m choosing not to get worked up about anything related to New Eden these days. I like my own sanity and peace of mind.

EVE Dev Blog: Teams

While I don’t pretend to understand the ramifications of all the recent Industry Dev Blogs I do find the new Blog on “Teams” a little more understandable and interesting. Like all things EVE Online leave it up to the players and their vast ingenuity to come up with ways to exploit any changes in the game, especially to those with the most to gain. I’m not sure who this will benefit the most space wise, but I’m sure others are already dwelling and figuring out such things.

But anyway my foot is almost through the door which has long been on my mind way before an industry announcement as indicative from my lack of blog posting for months. So I can’t say I’m dwelling that much on everything in the recent Dev Blogs at this point.

However on the New Teams for Industry I had a few thoughts.

  • Per Dev Blog Teams are random spawned or created in random systems. So I wonder will systems with more stations or Industry stations effect that random distribution of Teams in how and where they may spawn vs randomization just by system alone? That be interesting as around some system hubs there are a huge amount of stations in some systems within 2-3 jumps of one central system. Teams spawning in WH’s that’s just interesting in itself as well.
  • I would imagine the rise of some form of new Industry conglomerates among some industry players or small groups of players maybe. Existing to attract Teams to their system in one way or another to well exploit the Teams function. This is EVE after all.

That’s what came to mind immediately after reading the Dev Blog. Initially it wast quite what I expected Teams would be. But I’m sure I won’t dwell on it much otherwise either.

Going Going Gone

Yesterday afternoon was by far the longest time I’ve spent in-game for quite some time. Its been on my mind now for quite many months as to what to decide to do with the Large Research Tower I used for Blueprint Research. All of my original load of Blueprint Research was completed months ago. But I just kept the tower fully fueled month after month with no research jobs in case I returned and had a new project to make use of it. Yesterday I decided to just go ahead and take it all down regardless of what changes is coming to EVE in next few months.

The plan was to schedule to remove the tower when I had some time off from RL work to do so and yesterday I did. I had only logged in to trim down the tower and remove some the Gun Defenses and maybe remove some unused labs. But in the process of removing a few structures I figured why not go ahead and remove the whole thing while I’m at it to save time.

Took me somewhere between 4-6 hours constantly warping back and forth to and from warp point to all the various structures to slowly offline, unanchor and remove each structure. It’s a pain in the ass to slow boat to every structure around the POS shield to remove them. Would sure have been nice to have something like a remote POS Tractor Beam to pull in all the unanchored structures once offline towards the tower.

But anyway the Large Research POS Tower is now gone from space. Anything that wasn’t a POS Module I put up for sale including all the remaining stock of Fuel Blocks, Charters and Ammo. I’m finally glad that the tower is now gone and that saves from burning fuel as well having to make a batch of Fuel Block monthly.

Currently I’m not really playing any other MMO games, just nothing fancy my gaming style at the moment. But there are some other games later in the year that might fancy my interest. Still unusual not to have something interesting to play. For the most part I’m just enjoying spending more time doing RL stuff for the moment and enjoying the downtime. I’ll be back blogging about something for sure and it may not exactly be EVE Online necessarily. This blog has changed many time over the years to cater to whatever game fancy my interest or focus as my mood changes over time as a MMO gamer. So I’m sure I’ll be back. Both my game subscription (2) officially runs out on May 12th. For now I can slowly exit the universe and fully enjoy my downtime. Don’t expect much from around here.

This makes my 994th Blog Post.

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