MBOI: Getting Started in Media Blogging or rather Blogging about Online Films.

My blog is just mainly about me playing online games and sometime RL while playing games. But I’ve always been a huge movie fan and a fan of watching good new release movies. As well I watch some online film talk about movies and their review. Often I mostly watch AMC Theaters Movie Talk for the latest news on YouTube, along with a few others if they are good to know whats coming soon. Reviewing Movies is not my kinda thing really… I just say if I like it or not. But gamers like movies too. In an age where you, yes you with your own passion can author and add your voice to the world of online media Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Vid Channels as a Gamer. How exactly do you start or how exactly do you also start in the world of Online Film Review today?

I came across this Video watching AMC Movie Talk today. I decided to post it that someone else might find it of interest who may want to start a movie blog, video blog or YouTube Movie Review Channel. It’s not one their normal video or review at AMC Movie Talk. But because so many people keep asking the question John at AMC Movie Talk did a review about how does one get started in Online Film Reviews. It’s a bit long at almost 2 hours about the subject. But if its something that appeals to you, your likely to watch most of it for the interest or learn how to get started. Watching something for that long don’t bore me as i find all sorts of things interesting to learn. It struck me how much similar in some ways it is to just starting a blog about anything and sticking with it or maybe even starting your own Podcast, YouTube Channel if your really good at that kind of thing about gaming or movies.

I have no interest in starting a blog doing online film reviews. But who’s not to say you might be interested in that sort of thing or even starting your own blog about gaming, the advice is the same. There are never enough voices in blogging or video media! If your really good you will stand out in time if you stick with it and become a success. We all come and go everyday and for some of us our interest may change. But if starting a media blog doing online film review appeals to you, well the video might be of interest to you. Yet everything that’s mentioned in the video above… works for just starting a blog itself and being successful at it also. All great tips and information.

So if you’ve ever wanted to start an Online Media Blog, Podcast, Video Blog, YouTube Vid Channel, whether it be in Online Gaming or Online Movie Films Review… you have all the advice in the world to get started already. Just get started and get on with it.


MBOI: Might Be Of Interest.

Months Behind and Don’t Really Care Much

I didn’t have anything in particular to really talk about here other that update things a bit.

My out-of-state Job assignment has ended, and now back home. That was 2 weeks ago. It was my first ever great job assignment anywhere and it was originally supposed to be for about a month. But with a few extensions, the job assignment lasted almost 4 months and I was all fine with it. The company paid for everything which was great. The assignment was at another of our company plant site in partnership with a Utility Company  and the only one of its kind and design in the US. Overall enjoying the new Job and back in the industry sector I enjoy.

So I got trained on operating several new kind of plant equipment as a system and fairly new operating technology in the High Tech Water Industry. There are less than a dozen people who really know how to operate that kind of plant in the US at this time so from an experience point that’s a very good thing in an ever-changing industry.

But its good to finally be back home. After moving months ago before going on the Job assignment I can now finally unpack my place and get situated at home. So been a bit busy and preoccupied with doing that and all the other things you find yourself doing when you move into a new place and all the numerous visits to the local home improvement store.

Haven’t used the PS3 in months, but was able to get the software updated and download all the updates to DUST514. I logged into the game once, but at this point I can’t say I really have any real interest in playing the game at this point. Maybe something else, who knows.

I haven’t really been playing much EVE over the last few months, except to log in once or twice a week to update character skills mostly when I can remember to do so. The other reason was login into to quickly make and refuel my Deathstar POS running Research. Logging in last night to check the current state of BPO Research it appears the last of the Capital BPO Research (Freighter BPO) I wanted done is now complete.

Still got enough Fuel Blocks for the next few weeks. But will make up another months batch of Fuel Blocks to keep the POS running. But I’m unsure at this point really how long I’ll keep that thing going at this point with all my needed Research currently completed.

My Corp/Alliance seem fairly quiet almost every time I’ve logged in, I can only guess no one really is around much as I’m the only one ever logged in when I log on these days. Usually quite a few Corp/Alliance members, Directors, CEO are around in Empire and WH Space, but no one seems to be around these days. Not that it has any real impact on how I play EVE though. Not having played EVE much over the last few months I’ve pretty much grown unattached to playing the game in general. For the most part I can barely find any real reason at this point to play EVE much at this point as well even when logged in. Nothing seems that interesting to spend the time to do.

It’s Been A While

Yeah it has. I’m just busy with Real Life and with that I haven’t really had time to really think about EVE, Blogging, Blogs and Gaming much. Twitter included! Other things to think and worry about.

I had to move for the New Job. It was only across state but moving is still never fun. Have had to try to get the house sold. I haven’t even had time to even unpack after moving house weeks ago to my new place.

Been working on temporary assignment in another state far from home for almost the last 2 months for the new job which is going fine. I should be done with my assignment at the end of this week and be headed home. Maybe I’ll finally get to unpack at the new place even though I’ve been moved in what seem like a little while now.

Occasionally I remember to logon to EVE and adjust character skill training but its a hit and miss affair.

EVE and gaming just haven’t been on my mind much and somehow it all just haven’t seen important to worry about. I can’t say I have any clue what’s happening in the game and right now that’s not important. Other things are right now.

Hope you all are having fun though, and thanks for still stopping by.