The Week That Was… & Work In Progress

Stone Foundation laid on the island.

A slow week in gaming and in Valheim. Was just busier this past week with real-life work business traveling down to the gulf coast for an engineering visit to a company customer plant site. The weather there was nice sunny there and surprisingly cool, but that was the most of it really with work travel.

Don’t know if Vikings ever built Pyramids.

No gaming to be had for most of the week until this weekend. Though I carry my smaller laptop when traveling for work, I never seem to get in any or much gaming with it vs when at home on my more powerful desktop and an ultra-wide monitor.

I’m thinking this up as I go, so no idea how it’s gonna turn out.

I’ve put off the Plains for a while and hung up the heavy armor for the lighter Troll leather armor while working on the building project for the new main base at the island. At least I can move around much faster without the heavy load.

Scaffolding and framing take a lot of time. That Center Pillar took a lot of time to figure out.

This project is going to take a while and has already. But that’s the fun building in Valheim, you can have fun with it figuring things out. I actually trashed the first project build of a different kind with all the time I spent on it and started over with something more solid and rigid in structure.

The Third and Final Floor. Haven’t quite built the Second Floor. But was really hard to get this one done.

I will have to see how this build progresses, but it’s going to take a while. It’s talking shape of some kind and getting the structure shape built.

Getting that large stable support for 2nd and 3rd Floor. Need More Iron for the reinforced wall support.

This high up in the air really took a lot of effort to get the stable floor and to be able to complete a stable top pyramid structure.

Project Build far from done. But that last floor and the top pyramid was a huge hurdle to overcome.

I may get three complete floors in the build which is more than I thought when I started with a vague idea of a build. If the build was to be completely made of stone or mostly even, it would be a crap ton of stones and be mining rocks for days on end.

Construction Zone. Work In Progress. Only 5000 more years to complete!

Just the large floor foundation took a crapload of stones. Getting some of the wood to snap perfectly at an angle can get really weird and tricky in a massive build as you go upward and gets to be a pain after a while. Still not clear how this will all turn out when it does. For now Slow Work In Progress.

Passing the Test…Twice

Valheim - Private Island
Night Enemy Raid at the Private Island. Ehhh… Trolls?

Day 1. Private Island Construction work has started with not quite the best of plans but chopping trees and moving dirt around. RAWR!!! Enemy Raid. Trolls!! Really on Day 1?

Valheim - Private Island
Where are you Blue Bastards?

Apparently, Trolls are not gonna show up and play and come on out across the sea to the Island. That’s the Plains over there across the straits.

Valheim - Private Island
You guys are gonna show up and play or what?

Day 2. Another Raid while moving dirt around at the construction site. Skeletons!!

Valheim - Private Island Raid
Don’t seem you all are ever gonna show up out here.

So you skinny bastards can’t make it out here to the island either. I don’t know how some other Vikings claim they don’t get raided by the enemy. They seem to like showing up at my place all the time.

Them Workbenches are working just fine on the island to keep all you enemy bastards out! Good Riddance to you all.

Seems the Private Island as it is currently has passed the Enemy Raid Test twice over for them all out and off the island. I don’t quite know how the construction is gonna turn out but have planks down building something. Can’t quite use a Stonecutter at the island as no Iron yet at the island. But building without it and having fun.

Thoughts On Main Base Relocation

Strategic location for considering a New Main Base with the Private Island.

I’ve been considering a Main Base relocation from the starter island base at the edge of the Black Forest/Meadows for a while now since finding BONEMASS Swamp location. As well as much of the Plain lands since. As well with that recently good find of Silver in the Northwestern mountain. Its proximity to metal ore and the various biomes coincided with an easy ocean travel route access to the current various strategic locations. Spending some time performing base relocation could be a good downtime thing to do before heading off to explore and tackle the Plains.

Private Island, Outpost – Foxtrot

Given all the exploration I’ve done so far one of the places that stands out the most as a nice strategic location for the new base and that’s the Private Island at Outpost – Foxtrot.

Outpost – Foxtrot. Plainlands just over there across the narrow sea.

That outpost located right between three different islands. Yet fairly close to the Plains but still for the map is considered the Black Forest for the island location as the Black Forest is further away in the other direction but still visible.

Currently explored World Map.

It would be relocating or just making a new main base at location B as the main base is at location A. It’s often a long trip at sea just to move metal ore when needed. As currently metal ore cannot be transported via a portal. The blue line is the ocean route I often have to take to get back to the main base.

Distance between Main Base and Ops area.

The Northwestern island is a hub of a lot of activity with a great swamp for future needs of Iron as well the western mountain for mining Silver as needed.

Locations considered for New Main Base or Alternate.

The southeastern end of that NW island is completely covered in Plain lands. So easy access to that extensive area of Plains. Yet many Plain lands around on the adjoining islands too for which there are already other portal outposts set up already to the lands close by.

Location B at Outpost – November. Black Forest/Meadows.

An internal debate of whether to set up the new base at location A the private island or at B the recently new area Outpost – November I explored a bit, that is Meadowlands with the Black Forest strip close to the sea. But practically it’s Meadows really and just the procedural generation of the biomes.

Possible New Main Base location and Alternate Base & Ocean Routes.

While I’m still mentally debating the New Main Base location or Alternate. The Private Island at Location A seems the front runner overall. At best it will also be clear from having to worry much about raids from the biome creatures. Still, I will have easy portal access to all my current outposts. Ocean travel via sea would be easy travel in any direction. And if I need a farm on the plains I can just across the water from the private island at a tiny strip of meadows from which I can extend a farm into the Plain which also seems like a quiet area so far.

Thoughts on Moder

VALHEIM - Mountain
The path to MODER on the new island.

It really wasn’t too far a hike from the Black Forest portal on this new island to the mountain of MODER. Since this was virgin Black Forest on a new island all the Greydwarfs were out and about in force and often three deep in force. They seemed to be all over the forest and with a nest spawn encountered along the way to the mountain. A reminder of how life used to be in the Black Forest close to the main base before much of the forest life was purged in the forest area around.

VALHEIM - Mountain
Mountain Stone Tower Outpost with MODER just over the back hills.

The search for MODER had taken me across five different mountains, three islands so far. A very long journey to this island. This new mountain was also steep and so made use of the EIKTHYR buff to more easily make my way up the steep mountainside cliffs. Getting up on top of the mountain closing in on MODERs location I ran into a Stone Tower with skeletons. Broke some bones and made that tower mine! It was very close to MODERs location. Slapped a door on it, some quick renovation, and had me a new mountain outpost. Eventually added a portal to the outpost later for convenience.

VALHEIM - Mountain
MODERs summoning altar. It seems hard to miss.

But just heading over the back hills a little further there was MODERs altar. I don’t think you can miss the altar view if you were looking far away from on top of the mountain. It was in a relatively flat area around but certainly not the highest area on the mountain either.

With MODERs summoning altar found it was time to see if any eggs were to be found in drake’s nest around. I certainly didn’t want to have to ship any eggs here as that’s just a long ocean trip. But just beyond the altar and down the hill was a nest with an egg. Further down the hill was Mistlands! But I was now hopeful after killing the drake around the area for the egg. It was to just explore all around the mountain and find more eggs which didn’t seem to take long, rather quickly in fact. In hindsight, seems once you find MODERs location you should head straight there to save time other than maybe mining Silver in more convenient locations for transport. But eggs seem easy to find around MODERs mountain.

I made sure to clear out drakes around the hillsides so as to not encounter them later getting drawn into the fight fighting MODER. And I think that was also a good idea as only two drakes showed up fighting MODER and it was all the way towards the end of the fight.

VALHEIM - Mountain
MODERs summoning altar in the distance. Eggs set, ready to GO! Waiting on Weather.

Thoughts on MODER

As I look back and reflect on the journey to MODER and its defeat it all seems to be the shortest of the biome boss journey so far of the other previous two counting both BONEMASS and THE ELDER. The main obstacle was the mountain itself and finding a suitable mountain biome with MODER as well as finding Silver. The fight was challenging, but not one I felt my life was constantly in imminent danger during the fight. I felt it was more hampered by wearing heavy armor which many times just slowed my movement around the field to evade MODER Icy abilities cast.

VALHEIM - Mountain
Fight time let’s Go!

When MODER wasn’t in the air flying around it seem to play hide and seek for a bit before coming around at you. At that point, you could just run and evade MODER. And you likely could run away faster in less heavy armor I’d think. Yet, MODER did also manage to destroy almost all the trees around the area and blasted holes in many of the big boulders around the area. So those things felt much of MODERs wrath unintended.

For much of the fight, I was just low on stamina with the BONEMASS buff for damage resistance vs having the EIKTHYR buff for stamina and health regeneration. And since I didn’t feel I was taking that much damage overall the EIKTHYR buff seemed it might have been a better choice in hindsight. MODER seems to play hide and seek long enough to give you time to regenerate stamina and health quite a bit. However, you still consumed quite a bit of stamina just shooting at MODER at range with the bow and for which I only used poisoned arrows.

MODER seems to play hide and seek a bit.

I did a count for which in the end I consumed about 171 Poisoned Arrows. I judged what seems the vast majority of my aim as hits on MODER or it seemed that way as I can see them land for hits, but I was still surprised when I looked at my inventory at the end to realize just how many arrows I had to burn thru for the fight. It’s possible my aim was off as well too. However, always carry more ammo than you need just in case, and in this case, I did. Still had 129 Poisoned Arrows, 100 Obsidian Arrows, and about 83 Flaming Arrows left over for the boss. As well I carried an extra bow the Huntsman Bow just in case the lvl 3 Draugr Fang bow broke, which it did not. But sometimes you never know with bosses, so best be prepared!

Nice trophy head of MODER.

If I had to compare MODER to any of the previous three bosses in the feel of the fight, I’d compare it to EIKTHYR in feel. As many the times, the boss charged at you only to fly off or run away for a big and charge around the field for a while before back at you again destroying everything around them in the process. Only two drakes entered the fights towards the latter end of the fight and were easy to deal with with the poisoned arrows. With The Elder, it was so much seemingly going on and having to escape from the summoned ads around the field as well the forest Greydwarfs that showed up in huge numbers.

Mounting the trophy head of MODER

With BONEMASS, facing that boss with shield and mace it was a whole lot of ads to constantly manage and fight. All the while also fighting BONEMASS with lots of poisoned being spilled all around and a few deaths in the process. So MODER seemed a bit more chill compared to those two previous bosses though the danger seemed no less real. But a win is a win and I’ll take that any day and move on ahead. I’m not one to complain about the apparent difficulty of bosses. I face them as they are and see what happens at that point. The two best head trophy so far seems to be both MODER and EIKTHYR for wall mounting. And maybe a later fight again just to obtain the extra trophy for displaying at the base. Quite likely!

Sweet Cold Tears Of DEAD Moder!

MODER Is DEAD! DEAD with Sweet Tears!

Well, MODER Is Dead and No More! Another big boss vanquished from the Viking realm of purgatory in Valheim. This leg of the journey is now over. I can rest a bit and take my time to reflect and write the tales of my journey later.

MODER’s Sweet Cold Tears.

That’s a lot of Tears! I really like the trophy head mount as it looks really great. So I may have to fight MODER again just for the actual trophy head to wall mount next time.