Sprucing up The Corner Office

Photo by Karl Solano on Pexels.com

Have been working my way at getting back into regular blogging here at the corner office on my side of the interweb. It’s been a while since my blogging hiatus. So in making myself comfortable again, I played around a bit and updated the theme to a new one I really liked, and move a few pieces of furniture around. I like the look and just more inviting when I sit down and ponder just what to write.

The WordPress Editor

At first, I couldn’t figure out just what the hell the new Block Editor tool was when I started figuring out how to post again. It seemed quite wonky, couldn’t make sense of it since I’ve been used to the old Classic Editor tool for well over a decade-plus now. Being on hiatus a while, I didn’t know WordPress had updated to a new Block Editor with Gutenberg update. I would seem to almost lose my mind every time I tried to make a new blog post and It was using the Block Editor. I just have absolutely no love at all for using the Block Editor for writing new blog posts.

When I updated the new Theme, the Dashboard seemed to have changed a bit in look as well I couldn’t figure out what had happened to the Classic Editor for writing and editing blog posts and pages. I spent the entire Friday evening till well into the morning trying to figure out how to regain use of the Classic Editor function. The Gutenberg Block Editor can go to hell a million times over.

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