VALHEIM: A Whole Lot of PLAINS In PLAIN Sight!

Shore Mapping the New Island

After setting up the new Outpost Base on the new Island. Instead of immediately go in search of Crypts, I decided to chart around the island to see what biome areas are there but also to see if there was any closer landing point to the Boss Bonemass. Apparently not. It’s one big island with what seems like a river running thru it on the southern side separating The Plains.

What I also discovered was that there are a lot of Plains on this Island and very extensive areas of Plains all on the southern side. As well there is a massive Snow Mountain region all along the entire length of the island it seems which you can see all the way around the island from every biome skimming the shore in the Karve. That will make it easier to hop over to the Plains after I’ve beaten Bonemass and done with the swamp area. As not too far to the south of the Outpost is the Plains with a large settlement of some kind immediately as you cross into the Plains biome which I had marked on the newly charted map.

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