Black Forest Mining In VALHEIM

Mining In Valheim

You can do many things in Valheim, and one of those things and most essential is mining minerals to craft and upgrade weapons and armor. Mining can be done in almost any biome that’s not the meadow areas where it’s safer. In the Black Forest which can be dangerous and most especially at night with snoopy giant Trolls and pesky Greydwarf’s, you can mine the area of both Copper and Tin. Copper found in huge dome deposits with a few sparkle veins on them and on mouseover says, Copper. Tin ore can be found scattered all along the shoreline areas of the Black Forest looking like shiny rocks. But if you have never mined Copper before in the Black Forest you will not realize just how much of the mineral there is below the ground all the way to the bottom. There is a point where you cannot dig any deeper and it bottoms out. Once you start mining with your Pickaxe, you’ve alerted the entire forest that you are there and the enemy will come hunting for you.

Mining In Valheim

I have found it much easier to start by carving out the perimeter of the entire mining node. That’s all the way around and outward. As there is a lot of the Copper node spread out below the ground in large nuggets.

Mining In Valheim

Then I trench the entire area all the way down while mining the Copper deposits. Doing this also makes the dig site area unfriendly to being attacked by sneaky Giant Trolls who love to sneak up on you doing your work. The bane of any and all those in Valheim is getting snuck up on by a Giant Troll! The Trolls find it a bit hard to path their way down into the excavated pit. At best you can attack the Troll from within the area with your bow and kill it. Fire Arrows work great! If the Giant Troll was to somehow ever enter the excavated area, it cannot get out. You can easily sprint climb the walls out and you can kill him more easily with your bow.
Mining In Valheim
Mineral deposits run all the way down to the ground and you just have to uncover it all within the entire excavating area removing the rocks.
Mining In Valheim
Lots of Copper Ore below. It can look really beautiful in the background, the background as the lighting changes over the course of the day cycle as well mist in the area.
Mining In ValheimMining solo, it literally took me a few game days to complete mining out the area as well as having to constantly fix my broken pickaxe. When your all done mining every bit of Copper, only a giant crater is left in the ground. Professional Miner at work in Valheim!

If you haven’t tried playing Valheim, it’s a really cool and fun game to play. If you got a few friends, this game is several notches more fun in Co-Op play. It’s really worth checking out!

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