Surviving like a Viking In VALHEIM

There were initially five small houses in this abandoned village area when I came across it exploring. One I destroyed and rebuilt it into what is now my Metal Workshop. I then did an expansion on the workshop to shelter the Smelter and Kiln soo it’s all indoor to the workshop and don’t have to run out in the rain and storm to feed metal and wood to them as needed when smelting metal ore. So much you can do in this game with wood and building creativity and other players far more creative than I playing this game have created some inspiring houses and structures on Youtube.

Metal Works workshop.

What do you do in VALHEIM with a workshop? Well, you craft everything you need to survive and progress in the game Viking style. As you progress you learn how to create more Viking area things to survive like armor, weapons, and making mead which can give really nice stamina and health regeneration buffs.

Metal Workshop.

I enjoy my comfy feel of being in the workshop making and repairing things. I never thought I enjoy player housing in games. Well, not until I played this game and had fun building houses, villages, and other things from scratch.

Main house.

Built the main house as one of the first things I did when I found the abandoned village adding a new house to the area. I surely did chop down a lot of forest for all the wood. The Metal Workshop was built after demolishing another old building. And since building the Metal Workshop and all the time I spent there crafting and improving weapons, armor, smelting metals, I haven’t had as much time to improve or revamp the main house to look more like a mead hall at this point just doing stuff and exploring. The house is big but can be expanded outward and build an internal second floor etc. Just haven’t had time as yet. So much to do in VALHEIM and exploring other islands for boss progression to other biome areas. But for now, it’s the main base camp home on my server seed of HELHEIM.

At first, I really just needed a lot of trunk boxes for storage of all the things needed to survive and craft other things. As well as a place to cook and bed (spawn point) that was most of the furniture in the main house. I haven’t as yet set time to hang my many trophies, banners, and other furniture fixtures. I was able to craft a portal as one of the least recent addition to the house for faster travel to other far distant islands across the vast ocean in VALHEIM. Fast travel via a built Portal is much safer than navigating the treacherous and dangerous ocean. The ocean seems to conspire against you as well when you travel the open seas. So for now it was a nice addition until a bit later when I can focus and build a more suitable portal house or structure for all the many portals to come for travel to other far discovered locations. Surviving in VALHEIM is rough! But it is fun as hell! 

Exploring the vast World Map in Valheim.

This is but a real tiny aspect of the entire procedurally generated world map in VALHEIM that I have explored. And so far, less than 5% of it has been explored.


VALHEIM Seed World

This game map I’ve been playing on solo is my current seed server world of HELHEIM, seed: 8Upw7VYNuS. You are always welcomed to have visitors on your server if you’re playing VALHEIM and with up to 10 players currently. I can always switch things to server mode so you can always drop by to visit if you’re also playing or just starting the game. The game is a whole different level of fun when your Co-Op playing with 2-4 others. But sometimes, others are not playing at the pace your playing at and that may not quite work well for you sometimes. Still, it’s fun to have another fellow Viking around to talk and play with. Will probably need to get on discord voice for comms. So if ever want to world visit or play, let me know.

I’m just taking my time playing and exploring in the game and not in a hurry like some other players who started with friends or jumped in with other friends more further along and now bored somehow. Much of the fun of the game is both exploring as well building things, Viking-inspired homes. So I’m playing at my own pace and having to do everything I’ve been doing solo which is much slower vs having a group of 3-10 other players around where things go a whole lot faster because of Co-Op. If you ever want to add me as a friend on STEAM, you can add me as ArdentDefender. I don’t play much STEAM though other than ROI – Rise of Industry. But VALHEIM I really enjoy playing and I just can’t say that for many other games.

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