Recovery & New Surroundings.

It’s been some unknown passage of time since rescue and being in recovery from cryostasis. I’m certainly not in Kansas anymore. These UEE guys have also confiscated my ship, likely for its unknown technology. But it’s good to be alive though. In questioning, since didn’t seem to pose a security threat, I was released on my own accord.

My surroundings are all unfamiliar. But ships still fly and the backdrop of space is still a familiar surrounding. This world and it’s ways are new to me. Still somehow I eventually did manage to find a job at a nearby shipyard unloading space cargo. It get’s me by time wise. There’s plenty of work it seems, the shipyard is a busy place.

But word around the docs is, could possibly make out better running crew. Many ships frequent the shipyard, and some seem to be looking for experienced hands. I may look into that. Could be a good way to learn and get around the local system. After all this world is still all new to me.

4 thoughts on “Recovery & New Surroundings.

    1. Though i’ve been around just casually reading here and there in a few places, haven’t really blogged much seriously about gaming in about 2 years roughly. It’s tough easing back into it, but i’m slowly working at it.


        1. Haven’t really played any game since EVE in the last several years even though haven’t played that in years now. There just haven’t been any real interesting games for quite a while to dive into. I’ve only had one game on my radar for the last few years (2012) that being SC. Just not that many studio’s in industry making truly ground breaking interesting games.


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