I Just Can’t Wait…

It’s the last major component in my New PC Build Project. Initially on ordering parts for the PC Build I had originally ordered a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 980Ti Extreme, but decided since my build likely wasn’t going to be finished till early summer I just decided to return the unopened box to Amazon and wait for the new GPU which was right around the corner anyway. So I’ve been patiently waiting for the brand new Pascal generation of Nvidia GPU’s which was unveiled yesterday May 6th 2016.

I’ll likely be putting in my order for a GTX 1080 as soon as when available for around $600. Word is it’s more powerful than the Titan X GPU. I just can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Wait…

    1. It’s coming along, though not far enough yet. Got a bunch of parts at end of last week including the addition of the new bottom Pedestal i had to mount on the case. Its now even bigger lol, but the case looks just awesome. But other than spending an entire day sleeving allot of the fan wiring haven’t had much time to work on thing otherwise. Actually ran out of Sleeving cable doing 16 fans and had to order some more. Had to order a few more fans as well 2 from Amazon, will have to Sleeve those to when i get them. Mounted some the fans to the radiators. At which point i realize i’m missing two of the mounts for the side radiators in the bottom Pedestal lol. So i had to order those on monday, probably take a week to get them. Some the fans can’t properly mount to the radiators as yet due to the size screws that came with the radiators. I need some different 30mm screws than the ones i got. Found some at Home Depot but needed more. Also Tried to mount two the 1 the 480 radiators inside the case and same the metric screws at 6mm that came with the radiators are not the right size to mount them. Actually need 8mm screws as also had to pick up a few at Home Depot to see which correct size will fit. Slow going but i’ll get there.


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