It’s Finally On!


Simply deciding to build myself a computer and gaming rig has taken on a whole new life of its own and hobby somewhat.

I decided I wanted a damn good quality PC and not play catch up, which I guess ended up being a high end PC.

That has taken me to looking into custom built pc, pc modding, loop water-cooling, watching so many youtube videos and reading pc modding forums like Overclock. Even deciding on what PC Case I wanted took quite a bit of time researching. It came down to two cases a CaseLabs Magnum SMA8 or a CaseLabs Magnum TH10A. CaseLabs cases are not cheap! Yeah really. But from my research they are some of the very best, very good high quality all aluminum cases for custom built pc and pc modding. These cases are good enough to last a very long time even if you overhaul your pc down the road as well.

After going back and forth between the two cases, looking at Youtube case reviews and lots of pc builds I finally decided. So finally decided and went ahead and placed an order today for the CaseLabs Magnum TH10A case. It will be a custom looped water cooled pc build. Will take a few weeks to get the custom case delivered. The build will likely take a while.

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