Project: Building my Ultimate Gaming Komputer Rig

Corsair Obsidian Series 750D

It’s hard to be in PC gaming if you don’t have a gaming PC rig. I don’t current own a PC worthy of gaming in 2016. My MacBook Pro is about 8 years old now and though it works fine for just everyday stuff and surfing the internet, it’s not good for gaming in today’s world of gaming. I’ve been out of gaming for all of 2015. Been thinking about getting a new PC for quite a while now, months it seems but just couldn’t decide. Somehow after binge watching a lot of YouTube vids if I remember, I thought it might be a good idea to maybe build my own. But then I didn’t know much about building a PC let alone a gaming rig. I’ve never messed around with attempting to build a PC before either.

Over the course of the last month I’ve watched quite a bit of YouTube getting caught up on just how to go about building a PC and gaming rig watching all kinds of builds from many the YouTube personalities, some quite popular as well. I enjoyed watching a bunch of videos by Carey Holzman who now also does the DIY Garage for NeweggTV and a pleasure to watch build gaming rig and learn from. I’ve learned quite a bit in the process, but I’m still learning. Learning something new is always interesting. But I think I have the confidence that I can build my own and likely learn more in the process as well. If anything it seems like something fun to do being apart of gaming.

So after watching many builds I set aside part picking the parts for my own future gaming rig. I decided I didn’t exactly want a cheap PC. I wanted a good gaming rig that kicks ass, with good quality parts and can play anything on the market smoothly. I wanted a gaming PC where I’m not playing catchup with todays games and something that will last quite a few years without needing to upgrade much. As well something thats easily expandable into the future if I needed to upgrade. At this point I think this project will cost me more than I thought when I started out, but for my hobby I’ll be happy about it if it works out.

After picking out the parts for my Ultimate Gaming Rig on PCPartPicker this is what it looks like so far below on the link. I’m flexible in making changes if possible. Though the core parts I likely want in my build for my gaming be

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Project: Building my Ultimate Gaming Komputer Rig

  1. CPU/RAM/graphics card look like slight overkill depending on how long your computer has to last.
    I would probably spent €1500,- on a PC that will have excellent performance for the next 3 years, then spent € 1000,- on upgrades so it will last another 3.
    That SSD is the most important part.


    1. Appreciate the feedback. The CPU/RAM and Graphics with 2 GPU is a bit overkill yes no wavering on that. I could certainly go with the cheaper i5 6600K Intel CPU and save $150 to put somewhere else, but there isn’t much place in the current build to put that extra $ already having high end GPU’s already, but certainly it’s still saving the money. I didn’t want to have to replace the extra RAM later so just getting it all while i can now. 1 GPU would certainly be fine already having a high end GPU, yet its fun to have 2 and can play anything super smoothly throwing the kitchen sink at it as well the kitchen. I do have 1 500GB SSD in the build for Windows OS and personal files. The Case has ample room to expand if needed or i like to think lots of room for ventilation of the CPU and GPS’s. But will keep things in mind if i decide to go cheaper.


  2. In my experience liquid cooling isn’t worth it. It tends to be louder than fans and with good airflow (and the full set if case fans you’ve got) is just extra weight and expense. For gaming, the i5 line provides the same if not slightly better performance to the i7 line. The only difference is that i7 is hyperthreaded which games can’t really take advantage of.

    I agree with the other commenter that the dual 980s are overkill. I run modern games on max settings with an AMD 7870 (several generations old and midrange) with no problems. Unless you’re doing multiscreen gaming at a competitive level where you need 120 fps at all times you could easily trim the GPU down and save some money.


    1. I did a fair bit of research on Youtube and Water Cooling seemed to be a very good option. For the Corsair 750 case which is a really nice roomy case, it does come with (3) 140mm Corsair fans. From my research on PCPartsPicker on others with similar case the fans are a bit noisy. So my plan was to replace the fans already in the build with much quieter Corsair fans with very good airflow and LED effect. As well replace the 2 fans that come with the Water Cooler for the radiator cooling that are also very quiet static fans with very good airflow as well LED effect. Both should make the case very quiet as well a quiet Water Cooler.

      I certainly not that well versed on all things CPU. Though agree currently based on my research so far that the i5 6600K is a very solid gaming CPU currently and would be the best bang for the buck for a good gaming CPU that’s on par with the i7 6700. Like mentioned above it would save about $150 vs going with the i7 unless the i7 becomes cheaper.


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