Gaming Hardware

I’m currently on vacation in Peru and not likely to do much with getting back into gaming until after the holidays. However I also have the issue of not really having any real current gaming hardware to play current and future games. My MacBook Pro can’t really cut it and I currently don’t have any games I really play on it anymore. The last was EVE and that was quite a while ago. 

But for Windows based games I don’t have any good options. So I’ve been considering my options in getting a new PC. I don’t consider myself a PC Novice . But looking into the future I’m liking the option of maybe building me a custom Windows Gaming PC that has some kick can easily play current and future games. I don’t exactly have an exact budget, but I’m thinking something in the range of $1800-2500 I’m willing to go. 

One thought on “Gaming Hardware

  1. You should be able to get a nice custom system in that price range. I’m not in a position to offer suggestions – I used to know where your best bang for buck was with computer hardware, but then came along came the kids and I no longer keep up to date. I do prefer Intel and NVidia – having historically found them to run cooler and be more stable long term. Also worth chasing up certain Intel SDD models known specifically for their longevity. Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Peru.


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