It’s been a long Time

Yes it has. We all need a break sometimes. Life and work goes on in RL. I just didn’t realize how long it has been, not that I counted. Haven’t really gamed much over all that time either. But a long time it has been.



  • Welcome back. Life definitely has it’s ebbs and flows. Quick question: given the ship shown above, are you going to play Star Citizen?

  • Yes, it’s one of the few and two Kickstarter games (Star Citizen, Dreamfall) that I’m an original backer of. I’m also more invested in SC than any future games I plan or anticipate playing.

    Since EVE I’ve completely dropped gaming entirely since and not kept up with anything. Only recently started paying attention to getting back into gaming. So easier to consider what I’m already invested in already. Thus I’m going to play it from the beginning having alpha access when it happens.

    • The older I’ve become, the less disposable time I seem to have. Have a few games on steam that I’ve purchased (mainly retro stuff), but in practical terms I have time for one game only. Elder scrolls grabbed me for a while, but EvE still has her claws pretty deep.

      Always looking out for something to do next, and Star Citizen has a certain appeal. But I have to say that the packages plus conversion rate fall into the ouch, that kinda hurts category (at least for the hulls I would like to fly). Moreso given it isn’t out yet. No concrete idea of the mechanics and no reviews to get an idea from. Be interested to hear how you find it though.

      • Yeah agree that older one gets time seems less disposable in some ways. As much as I like playing various games. I can only seem to devote energy to one with focus, whichever game it is. I surely enjoyed and still enjoy my time from gaming.

        As for SC I still have my original backer pledge ships to which my SC access is tied to. I just added a few more ships to my hangar supporting the game development. I haven’t bought or played any games in the last year or more, so guess I just have been saving a bit. I’ve been supporting the game development in my own way which is ok for me. But one certainly can wait till the game launches to play and acquire ships and not necessary to buy at this point. Buying some ships now is just supporting the game and in some way picking up some ships you want as well. I’m not impatient, I have faith the game will be done eventually soon though surely not next month. As for now don’t think any backer ships are available. Many smaller ships are available to pick up based on your style without going bigger and costly.

        Game mechanics will all be worked out, but it won’t hinder me from picking up some the ships design I like. For now it’s interesting seeing and been apart of a game coming to life soon. I certainly like the appeal of the game as to what it can be.

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