Just playing making changes when I have time to around here on AD with this WordPress New Blog Theme: Dynamic News. I like the look of the Demo features of it. So far haven’t changed much other than activated the New Blog Theme.

*Things I should have done before moving on from EVE when I was still Rich: Commission Rixx Javix over at EVEOGANDA to make me a personal Blog Logo for AD as well a Header and Background that match. Ahh well, too late I can’t afford it with ISK’s.

What I’m up to:

  • Not playing any games of any kind currently.
  • Just relaxing and living life.
  • Still reading various blogs when I have time… it’s a habit.
  • Watching YouTube…
  • Working. This past week I had a 84+ hour work week. Today was my off day and slept most of the day. Life!



  • Sorry to hear you left though you did cause me to grin with your removal of temptation technique. Clever! I’m in a bit of a lull myself at the moment. Still playing, just a lot less. It could be the onset of summer, it could be one of those bizzarro periods in playing EVE when you watch the skill queue tick down before attempting something new. Who knows? I don’t think I’m done yet. Looking forward to hearing about whatever game bites you next (post 84 hour weeks of course)

  • An 84+ hour work week sounds very depressing.

    Feel free to organise the logo and banners etc with Rixx Javix. When you confirm an ISK price let me know who to send it too and it will be done.

    • Thanks. Will contact Rixx see if he has time.

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