Playing Solo yet in a Corp

I just gonna say I don’t really believe CCP understands all the players who play their game or necessarily why they play the way they do. If EVE is a true Sandbox then who is ANYONE to tell ANYONE else in the Sandbox how they should play in it.  As well CCP to only cater their development in a so call Sandbox to just one section of the game and neglect other players and play styles in that same Sandbox because some players are not playing the way they want. Then is it really a Sandbox is you can’t choose to play the way you or anyone else want to? I’ve played the way I wanted to because that’s how I wanted to play it.

You already pretty much know I’m mostly a Solo player if you’ve been reading here long enough to know my usual activities as an Industrialist, Market Trader, Researcher, Inventor. Sometime I choose to spend some time in Exploration, Salvaging, Mining to just relax and think, or Missioning a bit for some rusty pew pew checking out the ship engine oil on a few runs.

Occasionally I do small group activities that encompass anyone of those activities helping out a valued friend in EVE (I know Friends are rare) or in my Corp in small ways but very helpful and vital all the same. Yet I’m a vital member of my Corp even though I’m not a very visible or vocal member of my Corp to the general Corp membership. I’m very much understood I think by my Corp Senior Management of which I’m one of very few members somewhere in a Middle Management Role by virtue of my Solo playing skills. I’m also like that fly on the wall who’s always there and sometimes around to help and even help that new EVE Corp member recruit when no one else is around to help.

Corp Middle Management: Market and Trade Division/Industry

My Corp owns and manage our Alliance of over a dozen corps with all various mix of play styles. My role I’ve had for years as a vital member of my Corp. I manage my Corp Market and Trade Division. That Corp Division covers whatever in my activities as a Market Trader/Logistics/Researcher/Industrialist/Invention activities that I see fit to use to increase Corp Investment Assets in my charge. I’m mostly a division of 2, me and my other self managing one subset of my Corporation Wallet. And through us both I’ve helped to make my Corp $Billions$ of ISK on my  own time that gets allocated to paying for other corp activities. Asset eventually allocated wether it be SRP for Corp/Alliance low sec roams, WH activities, New Player ship programs and other bills like Alliance monthly fees as well as Station Offices to name a few things that all that ISK have went to.

Most regular members in my Corp never even knew or barely aware I was in a separate division in my own Corp assigned by my Corp CEO… at my request to effectively perform my role. Yet I’m still a Solo player, but in a Corp. As most of my usual activities are very solo in nature.

That is the vital function I served in my Corp partly due to being good at the solo activities I’ve been good at. It was a role I asked of my CEO long ago because it was one the chief way I helped contribute to my Corp as a member since I didn’t directly spend time pew pewing like some others often did in the Corp wether it be on WH activities or Low sec gang roaming with the rest of Corp Alliance. As an Industrialist/Researcher/Inventor I’m one of the few and prominent member of my Corp that engage in such activities even though most of my activities fly far below the radar as a solo player inside my Corp.

When I saw the Corp couldn’t properly address my needs as a Researcher to get an increased amount of Research done in an effective manner I simple created my own Corp and eventually deployed my own Research Tower totally financed on my own. I’m playing Solo, yet in the long run it all served the Corp as some those BPOs researched was borrowed by the Corp to make Ships for the Corp and PVP needs. I was always there to help usually if someone in Corp needed help and I’m available to do so or lend a BPO to make some PVP Ships/Assets or something that serves both the Corp and Alliance overall.

I don’t really need my Corp to do anything I already currently do in EVE from day-to-day, but it just makes it easier being there, helping out as well know the benefit of also knowing other members. On most days unless I look at the Corp chat window I barely even remember I’m actually in a Corp, because my activities are that Solo for me in how I choose to do them. I spend more time looking at EVE Trader talk window and one with a long time friend. Occasionally I pay attention to corp chat. But my Corp is much better off because I’m there. It cost my Corp nothing. I’m a very trusted member of my Corp as I’ve earned it. I’ve made more ISK for my Corp than all the tax activities that the corp has ever generated in its wallet from members. I’m sure because I’ve seen just what gets generated ISK wise for taxable activities from members. And I know how much ISK in $Billions$ I’ve made for my Corp separate from my own usual activities. So by virtue of efforts I’ve done better contributing to the greater effort of the Corp as a contributing member in how I play EVE which in term affect what the Corp/Alliance can do on a greater scale. Yet… I’m just a Solo player.

Players like me are not an anomaly in EVE, we are many and not necessarily the most vocal. Some of us all do things differently, as well we quietly do our duty often being Corp members that help strengthen the backbone of our Corps. Yet we are still very much Solo players. And I think CCP as well many the players base that like to just pew pew only forget that these are some of the players in your own Corp that though members and not often the most vocal are also sometimes Solo players overall as well. I think CCP fails to realize just how those players glue things up in the greater Sandbox of things often neglecting them as well by only catering to the most vocal of a subset of the entire player base.

Yes I might play EVE mostly Solo in how I look at it, you may think of it differently. And Yes I’m also part of the EVE Community with this blog of which I’ve been apart of for the last 4 years.

2 thoughts on “Playing Solo yet in a Corp

  1. Why do you think they are talking about you?

    Seems like they are worried about new players getting railroaded into level 4s by the NPE instead of being shown all the other stuff they could do in the game. They used single-player sandbox games like Civilization and Dont Starve as examples of how to teach new players about the game without setting them down a linear quest path.


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