Paying the Bills

I might be one of the 10-20% that choose to remain and play EVE for longer than 1-2 months as a solo player and become part of the universe. I’ve help create and affect content in my solo play in how I’ve played EVE. It may not be PVP but I’m a paying customer all the same.

In 4 years of EVE I’ve maybe not subscribed for maybe at most 4 months max or so maybe. Yet in all those months on 2 accounts I’ve mostly happily paid my subscription to CCP via my VISA Card charged monthly. In the last year alone I’ve barely paid EVE all that much drastically scaling back my EVE time, yet I’ve remained a paying customer VISA charged monthly on my only 2 accounts I’ve ever had. Only once in my entire lifetime as a player have I ever bought 1 single PLEX to know how it worked.

You can’t tell me many players who may play the game solo or mostly solo, as well pay CCP monthly month after month are not valued customer to CCP in helping to pay the bills with hard cash. Its more like neglected customers because of their playstyle.

CCP should be doing more, as well a better job or retaining many the new players that at least choose to take a look at the game. As well as ALL players playing the game vs just catering to a subset of EVE players.

I for one can’t help keep paying CCP’s bills and failings when I know players like me are being neglected and taken for granted.


Updated: 05/14/14

5 thoughts on “Paying the Bills

  1. It can be difficult to get a feel for what CCP really think of their solo players. One week you will read a remark where they say they value all play styles, the next week if you are not in a Corp, you are not worth their focus. I think as a whole they probably don’t really understand us.


  2. Don’t you interact with other eve players on your blog? This content that you created and affected, did that not involve other players?

    Are you really a solo player or are you a player, who is part of the eve community, but has chosen run their own corp?


    1. Playing Solo to me don’t necessarily mean you don’t interact with others within the game… I do.

      Yet I can go about my activities in EVE without having to interact with very few players or on many days none at all if I choose to. Yet interact I do.

      Though my in game activities are mostly solo in nature I do very much interact with the community on my blog most obviously as well as on twitter.


  3. I’m just gonna leave this here… []
    Heed it or not… believe it or not… I for one, am going to keep the faith…and bet on CCP Seagull, if not on CCP as a whole.

    Just sayin… Mkay?


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