Every Active Player affects EVE’s Content

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependency on initial conditions in which a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

It’s a Universe of Butterfly Effects at work by every active players that inhabits the Universe. Even CCP made a game trailer about the Butterfly Effect on how it affects the dynamic of the Universe that’s suppose to be a Sandbox. If that is to be believed then you can also say every active EVE Online player actions or inactions in the Universe (and sometime outside of it) also have consequence in the Universe. As well consequence that affects the content of things in the Universe whether it me on a micro or macro scale. Even the players banned for defacing the recently new EVE Monument affects the threads they are connected to that bind the Universe.

What a lot of people or players like about EVE is that you can choose to play however you want. Increasingly and been so for a long time vocal players in the so call Sandbox have been voicing their concerns that many in the so call Sandbox are not playing the game the right way because it doesn’t conform to their way of playing the game or how they want some others to play often as easy prey. As well CCP choosing to cherry pick how they develop content for some sections of EVE. Yet the Universe of EVE is supposed to be a so call Sandbox where you can play however you want. So how can others be then playing the game wrong?

But however you choose to play in the Sandbox every active player action has eventual consequence whether its seen or unseen in the fabric of space in EVE. What the public outside of EVE Online often see or hear about in the media is that content consequence exposed in huge battles when it gets out to the media. Because anything can happen in a Sandbox if the consequences are big enough for others to see or marvel at as game content created in the Sandbox. Every player that inhabit the universe playing the game may not affect the game content on that huge macro level often on smaller micro level.

If huge Alliance Coalition on each other conflict create Gravitational Waves in EVE Online then I guess others that affect the content and economy of all the regions of EVE in all the various ways interacting in the Sandbox whether it be solo or small-scale create maybe Subspace Waves. Waves that at some point affects and create gravitational movements in the Sandbox potentially as well. But small actions in the Sandbox don’t make Media news for CCP in a cold universe that have a hard time attracting and new retaining players. Thats a very huge problem for CCP.

Yet its the seemingly general perception that CCP don’t really care about a good deal of the player base that helps bind the fabric of the universe. Players that affects the universe on a micro level which in the end affects the game content and player interaction in the Sandbox. A good part of EVE Online player base feels neglected and people don’t stay neglected forever, they eventually move on. Those neglected players affect the game itself, affecting community inside and outside of it, the EVE Economy at large that glues the universe at core.

Affecting My Universe

I wondered in the beginning if I’d ever be accepted into this hostile community of PVP on PVE players as a small lonely voice at some far off corner of it as a MMO Player who mostly played WoW before EVE. But I also played other MMO’s as well. In the end we are all EVE Online players no matter how you choose to play the game. EVE is better because we are all here and suffers greatly when any of us leave for whatever the reason may be because it’s so hard to get one dedicated player here in the first place. Thus every player should be valuable to CCP. Over time I found my own way in EVE as a player, not necessarily creating some huge amount of in-game content as some mega popular players in EVE but often affecting the content of EVE slowly more and more over time as I grew within it. I exist as a player, so my actions have consequences whether seem or unseen it affects someone else or many others.

I grew and became and Industrialist, Market Trader, Researcher, T2 Inventor, T3 Reverse Engineer. I’ve meddled in Exploration, Missions and Mining. But every bit of my actions whether small or large or even my inaction I’m sure has consequences. And at this point for the last year by barely playing EVE itself that inaction has affected content in the game on micro levels that ripple across regions far away from Jita. I’m a Market Trader, but my time is mostly not spent in any of the main market trade hubs. Most people seem to think that everyone that market trades in EVE spend their time in Jita or the other 3 market hubs. I’ve barely!

The various regional economies are their own and players supply those markets as well. As most of my time have been spent as a Regional Trader, because I personally like to get around to the various regions I visited. By being absent from the Regional Markets, other players have the ability and more incentive to exploit market item supply as well as pricing, sometime to great extortion levels left unchecked and unaware of by others.

In the beginning I traded small things and sold small things on the market affecting my local systems. Over time as wealth grew, I affected entire regions of EVE in various items far from the spotlight of Jita. It wasn’t unimaginable on some days to travel across and through 90-100+ systems covering 6-7 Regions of EVE conducting Market Trade, checking on things at stations and most of the time cloaked in the shadows of space in-between 2 systems.  I’ve helped create mini market hubs where there wasn’t any in a region by simply conducting lots of trade there, then others moved in as well.

By Manufacturing all sort of goods, logistically getting them moved across various regions of High Sec space to various systems, I’ve helped others create ISK doing logistics as well exposed them to danger and risk. By putting up market orders totaling in the Billions of ISK as well as selling goods, some hard to find assets in the many Billions of ISK on the market I’ve affected content as well as created it. I’ve saved others time and risk to danger by being able to get them their items far from the spotlight glare of a big market hub or popular Stargate and Region to travel to and acquire. Just one Butterfly in the universe affecting things or people in it.

By supplying a vast amount of T1 & T2 Ammo of all kinds to numerous regions I’ve affected other players ability to run missions, incursion players restocking ammo. As well as PVP players purchasing ammo to kill some other players ship in whatever space. Yes I’ve been guilty of being a lord of war with blood on my hands supplying whichever side hands over the cash. Through my actions some amount of players have died or lost their ships in EVE because I existed in the Universe and supplied them with the goods they needed to finish the job, whatever that job was. I can’t prove that, because I have no way of knowing but I’m sure it has happened. But I’m just one player in the Sandbox of EVE, they are many more like me out there and similar wise. Again we’re not huge content creators like Null Sec Alliances but we do affect the content and often the content of the economy.

I’ve never exactly been a Market Manipulator, but when you’ve acquired vast amount of Asset Resources and Cash you have the ability to create lots of goods to supply various markets or help be enough of a competition to lower the cost and make life hell for another player as well supply the needy with what they need to purchase. Ever played station/regional PVP war with a player at station X that’s content too. I’m affecting content or anyone else like me is. It’s not media news, but we’re greasing the underlying economy of EVE Universe that we exist within.

I’ve single helped to keep Asteroid Miners employed in some systems by being willing to buy up all their minerals or to resell them elsewhere supplying them with ISK earned through Trading. That may have helped someone else buy their monthly PLEX from someone else who sells and Trade lots of PLEX and so forth. I’ve bought out and bought up some regions entire supply of Ice Minerals off the entire market at huge ISK cost when justified, as well as keeping some Ice Miners employed by having someone around to buy up what they have worked hard to mine. Sometime doing logistics as well as reselling much of those resource where it’s needed and most profitable.

Myself or anyone like me is creating and affecting content, or eluding content passing through Stargates with lots of valuables and such or in the shadows of space. I’ve crashed regional markets on some very highly profitable items and was quite proud of it to hurt many someone else in the wallet where it hurts… sometimes its a game within a game. That’s all content the little guy engages in. It’s not media news worthily of attracting new players to EVE, but as every action has consequences its affecting game content.

By simply choosing to not play EVE as well any formerly actively player is affecting content as that does bare consequences as well and who knows how far-reaching that can be.

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