4 Years of EVE Online

I haven’t been at my office desk or space desk that much lately or for a while. At least not that often to realize as of 05/06 that both my EVE Characters are now officially 4 years old. I’ve surely never expected to be here this long or be apart of EVE or this community. EVE for me started out of pure curiosity and never expected I’d ever be here this long.

Ametius 4 years of EVE

Ametius: 77.5 Million Skill Points.

I have not the time to dedicate to a long post, nor do I have the desire to write one as of years past. This will just remain as a footnote in time, for this blog and my gaming activities. Documentation of my time existing somewhere in New Eden.

Alothos 4 years of EVE

Alothos: 70.1 Million Skill Points.

It’s just such a coincidence that I’ve reached this particular milestone at this very time….


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