EVE Dev Blog: Teams

While I don’t pretend to understand the ramifications of all the recent Industry Dev Blogs I do find the new Blog on “Teams” a little more understandable and interesting. Like all things EVE Online leave it up to the players and their vast ingenuity to come up with ways to exploit any changes in the game, especially to those with the most to gain. I’m not sure who this will benefit the most space wise, but I’m sure others are already dwelling and figuring out such things.

But anyway my foot is almost through the door which has long been on my mind way before an industry announcement as indicative from my lack of blog posting for months. So I can’t say I’m dwelling that much on everything in the recent Dev Blogs at this point.

However on the New Teams for Industry I had a few thoughts.

  • Per Dev Blog Teams are random spawned or created in random systems. So I wonder will systems with more stations or Industry stations effect that random distribution of Teams in how and where they may spawn vs randomization just by system alone? That be interesting as around some system hubs there are a huge amount of stations in some systems within 2-3 jumps of one central system. Teams spawning in WH’s that’s just interesting in itself as well.
  • I would imagine the rise of some form of new Industry conglomerates among some industry players or small groups of players maybe. Existing to attract Teams to their system in one way or another to well exploit the Teams function. This is EVE after all.

That’s what came to mind immediately after reading the Dev Blog. Initially it wast quite what I expected Teams would be. But I’m sure I won’t dwell on it much otherwise either.

One thought on “EVE Dev Blog: Teams

  1. The very first thing that struck me is the similarity between the proposals and the scrum teams at CCP… obviously being slightly facetious, but assemble the team, hit the problem hard, then go have a wee lie down 🙂


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