Barely here… Almost gone.

Haven’t really been up to all that much when it comes to New Eden. For the moment life just have my mind on other things in real life for the most part other than life in Eden. On entering New Eden, even if I could try to do things, I really don’t have much desire to overall. Overall the main reason for entering New Eden is to continue to keep my Research POS fueled and online.

Research Tower

Occasionally just around to make enough supply of Fuel Blocks for monthly supply or picking up a few materials to make to run a batch of Fuel Blocks. Once that’s done, I just don’t feel motivated to do much or contribute to New Eden Economy. I still have things on Market Order sell, but that’s not too much a concern.

Haven’t really run any real research at the POS in months, yet I just keep it fueled month after month. I did just throw some already researched Blueprints in a few slot over a month ago so to feel it’s not entirely a waste. But really, if the research tower wasn’t active, I could just not log in at all. May be even suspend my account.

I made another months worth of fuel a few days ago. It wasn’t too hard having had a good inventory supply of Ice Fuel on hand bought long ago. Yet that keeps costing me ISK as I could have sold all that fuel material. But at this point none of that matters all that much. Have more than enough ISK to keep the tower fully fueled for years. If it wasn’t so much of a pain to take down the POS tower could have likely done it long ago.

But been giving it some more thought lately and maybe I just take some time and take down the Research POS sometime in the next month. Then it won’t matter much if I don’t log in for a long time.

One thought on “Barely here… Almost gone.

  1. There’s a lack of motivation spreading across the Eve Blogosphere lately. Sometimes it helps to step away completely for a month or two. Take down your POS and enjoy not logging in for a while. You’ll come back with a new passion…and new blog material.


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