Not an Exciting Day

Just happened to watched the EVE Online: Rubicon Trailer and to be honest I couldn’t really get excited about it and or be looking forward to the expansion. At a quick glance I can’t even honestly remember what the current game expansion is called or anything feature wise that’s really in the current expansion. My mind seems so far removed from New Eden.

I just log in when I can remember to update my character skill queue and often character skill queue is inactive at best.


Not the best of days at work today. Almost everything seem to go wrong and lots of piping leaked on our startup project at the site. It was below freezing this morning.  8″ PVC pipe busted. leak got fixed, it leaked again, got fixed and then leaked again. Replaced all the gaskets and it seemed to be fixed. And somehow after that another 8″ scheduled 80 PVC piping cracked and leaked all over the place during testing. Obviously not in a good spot of course to get it repaired. And right after that the same line that got fixed earlier again and again and again blew big time and leaked lots and lots of water all over the place right when we was about to call it a day. So days things just seem to go very wrong. Life!


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