Flipping It

I like playing around with my smart phone (iPhone) and marvel at what technology can do and leads to these days with apps, who doesn’t. Recently started playing with some more apps and got to like using the app Flipboard.

I tend at time to read a bit of my Twitter and some RSS feed while flipping through the Flipboard app and it makes tweets looks really cool. But at the same time I tend to just read a lot of other things across a wide variety topics that I also find interesting and come across interesting stuff to read.

Playing with the Flipboard app I just made some the interesting things I come across in reading into a magazine. Flipboard lets you create magazines around you interest or whatever fancy your liking of things to read or pulling from lots of news and magazine article sources.

So I created a Flipboard Magazine called Ardent’s World. You can also check it out typing the link: http://flip.it.zjvFM

Just a magazine about things other than games or maybe that too if its interesting. Thing I come across that’s interesting about things in Life, Earth, Space and Cosmos Beyond. Just thought I share it here.

If you use Flipboard enough for whatever reason, well you can create your own magazine as well about whatever you want it to be about.


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