Since I decided to devote some time to work on my Reef Aquarium project have mostly just been doing research to re-acquaint my self with the hobby. Been checking out some YouTube vids and make my way back to my old Reef Community forum at Reef CentralI’ve forgotten more than I can remember over the years. So it helps to do research and read stuff to be able to plan properly and carefully in going about setting up the 180 gallon tank.

In the Reef Aquarium hobby you don’t do anything in a hurry! No good thing come from rushing in this hobby either. Everything takes a lot of planning. It’s already a very expensive hobby as it is as well.

This is going to take a while. It sure is exciting though.




  • What kind of fish are you going to get?

  • Its a Salt Water Fish & Coral Reef Aquarium. What specific fish i can’t exactly say at this point.

  • I’ve started up a nano saltwater tank after more than ten years of keeping freshwater fish. How big is your tank?

    • It’s a 180 gallon Tank. Which is 72″ x 24″ x 24″. That makes it allot bigger than a nano. But nice to hear your in the hobby as well.

  • Saw something I thought you’d like to see:

    Check out the aquarium in CCP’s office at 0.06

    • Ahh thanks Cool. Yes that is a very huge office Salt Water Reef/Fish Aquarium. That has to be an awesome site to look at every day at their office. Thanks for the find.

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