It’s Been A While

Yeah it has. I’m just busy with Real Life and with that I haven’t really had time to really think about EVE, Blogging, Blogs and Gaming much. Twitter included! Other things to think and worry about.

I had to move for the New Job. It was only across state but moving is still never fun. Have had to try to get the house sold. I haven’t even had time to even unpack after moving house weeks ago to my new place.

Been working on temporary assignment in another state far from home for almost the last 2 months for the new job which is going fine. I should be done with my assignment at the end of this week and be headed home. Maybe I’ll finally get to unpack at the new place even though I’ve been moved in what seem like a little while now.

Occasionally I remember to logon to EVE and adjust character skill training but its a hit and miss affair.

EVE and gaming just haven’t been on my mind much and somehow it all just haven’t seen important to worry about. I can’t say I have any clue what’s happening in the game and right now that’s not important. Other things are right now.

Hope you all are having fun though, and thanks for still stopping by.

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