Have a Great Memorial Day!

Fallen Comradesof War….. but never forgotten.

Fallen Comrades of War….. but never forgotten.

It’s Memorial Day here in the US, last monday in May. As usual it’s the day we as a nation remember, honor, pay respects and give thanks to all those who have served and died in uniform while in the Armed Forces of this nation and in many of this nations many past Wars. As well to honor and remember those in uniform who have died serving in current wars deployed somewhere in the world today in harm’s way.

For the rest of most typical americans it’s just another holiday, time to go shopping for holiday sales, have some friends/family over and fire up the BBQ. For some sorry souls they will end up burning down the house while throwing a BBQ. Don’t be that guy/gal.

As a Veteran myself I didn’t know anyone who died personally while in uniform service, however I did have one friend whom I served with who passed away briefly after he was out of service. But I honor and salute all those who while in uniform service paid the ultimate price with their lives.

Have a safe and good Memorial Day! Drive safe for the holiday and enjoy all the BBQ!


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