New Eden Planetary Conquest on Day 1

So among all the things that happened in DUST on Launch Day and official launch of Planetary Conquest my DUST Corp: The Unholy Legion Darkstar (TUL) laid claim to 4 Planetary Districts. From what I heard all Planetary Districts up for claiming were gone within 5 mins of DUST Server start on Launch Day.

Our DUST Corp is also the executor of our growing Alliance: Darkstar Army.

As well on Day 1 our Corp have 2 Planetary Districts under imminent attacked as well. I guess all the fun and craziness that will become of DUST has officially begun. So in reference I also find this chart post over at Serpentine Logic interesting as well giving a chart view of DUST Planetary Conquest District Control at the moment.

Huge vast sums of ISK was spent by many DUST Corps/Alliances to lay immediate claim to many Planetary Districts. I see this in how it all plays out to be as well become very serious business as it relates to Districts Battles.

Many new players to DUST (Newberry) will maybe marvel at Planetary Conquest mechanic in New Eden. But I can’t help but think fewer players will likely end up participating initially as most corps are likely going to want their best committed players for their squad roster when attacking and defending their Districts with huge sums of ISK invested and on the line. And somewhere along the line I can only imagine the drama this will cause with lots of ISK and territory on the line either way you may look at it. But I guess we will see how this all plays out with great interest.


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