The State of Things

Allot’s been happening in space for a while despite the fact that the other clone somehow have taken a liking to suiting up planet side as a Mercenary Soldier in New Eden and occasionally run around on the ground looking like a Bumble Bee. So stuff been happening in space, it’s just nothing all that interesting to really talk about overall but that’s as usual I guess.

Some Recent Stuff
Research Activities

Mostly for some time now the focus was on getting some Capital Blueprint Research done. At one point I went on a massive buying spree and bought and invested Billions of ISK in buying quite a bit of Capital Ship and Components BPO’s to get them Researched. So picked various Capital BPO’s for a Freighter, Carrier’s, Components, Capital Modules and Capital Drones. Just stuff to get Researched. Not quite sure what the end plan is. So that will be ongoing for a while I guess till whenever. But that had taken up some amount of preoccupation with things.

Market 1

With the change coming to the next expansion, among other things was back to buying and trading Ice products again somewhat or more of it rather regionally. So with the run up on the market in Ice products I was right there with most everyone else buying up my share of regional Ice material stock and trading it for profits. That can be boring stuff. But it resulted in lots of buying and trading and made some decent profits.

As well one my bet had paid off cashing in on the profits of about 14-16 Million units of Nitrogen Isotopes I had bought really cheap when the market price was at the bottom. I had bought the stock in Amarr as one huge block from the market some months back and just let it sit in station. Was able to sell it for triple the price after letting it sit in station for some time and pass a few months. Profit was great on that, a gamble that paid off well. But in the mean time was trading lots of Heavy Water, Liquid Ozone, Helium and Nitrogen isotopes which was all fun.

One the other thing I’ve been kinda trying to do was just let some of my Regional Trading business kinda dry up slowly not really caring much to restock the regions of whatever the item was. In some ways I had reached a point of boredom with doing things and just didn’t really care to do it with interest. I came to the conclusion it was just too much work doing regional trading as it took up quite a bit of time in some areas and just best to let it slowly dry up in some areas.

So even though I’ve updated some prices in some regions, I haven’t cared all that much either about continuing business there on some items. In the end I’m mostly just trying to cut back on regional business to save some time and maybe do other things of interest and not have to worry about my EVE Regional Business efforts. I’ve got Billions of unsold goods on the regional markets in total, and in some way, I’m just not all too worried about it either.

Outside of that I’ve mostly been distracted having my clone playing DUST 514. So I’ve only been so much focused on doing things in EVE for a while. Many things just go by without much attention paid to it and not profiting from it as well. ISK is only so useful to me when I really don’t have much use for much of it to do anything much with of interest to really try to aim to make more. Probably why I can’t really be bothered much to make anything industrially or even to bother making much T2 anything for profit. A bit bored in some way maybe.

Both my characters have at this point finally finished training in Ship Command Skills which they were doing for quite some time. So it’s a welcome relief to have them change back to training on more Industrial related Skill Training.

In a way, I’ve somewhat been kinda happy with the distraction of playing DUST 514 to get my mind off of other things in New Eden in space.



  • Awesome! Glad to see you’re still around and still flying space ships, even if it is in another universe!

    Has anything major happened in the plot recently? I remember hearing about a military build-up over Caldari Prime. Anything come of that?

  • Most of all the events and Incident leading up to and after Caldari Prime Incident is posted here as related news and things happening in the background:

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