A Few thoughts on DUST 514 Launch, New Players and Planetary Conquest

So it’s certainly exciting times in New Eden with the official launch of DUST 514 today. No matter how you may feel about DUST 514 its part of EVE Universe and it just means more stuff is happening all across New Eden as a result. Lots of newer players are trying out the game for the first time and some are deciding to try it out for the 2nd time now that they know the Beta is over.

I’ve certainly had my share of hours playing DUST today and though it was exciting to play the game on launch day it was more so just to see the new things in the Patch. Really, it wasn’t all that much different a play session than most days or night’s playing DUST. Well except to noticing some newer players playing for the first time and just hearing Voice Comms kinda interrupted with some the questions newer players were trying to ask while waiting for some matches to start. I couldn’t help think they got a lot of catching up to do.

Can’t help but think a lot of new players are expecting DUST to be some kind of casual game you can just easily jump into and get going. Instant Battle’s maybe. DUST has a steep learning curve though no where as steep as in EVE Online. There aren’t any videos to tell them how to do this or that or what this or that mean unless your watching a player made video on YouTube. Even when you give some player instruction they don’t even read or look at it, maybe barely. Lots of players that don’t follow Dev Blogs and all that stuff, have no idea of how DUST 514 works let alone the more complicated feature of Planetary Conquest. As well they have no idea of how even EVE Online works behind DUST 514. Some players also seem to have just started playing to get in on Planetary Conquest feature, which thinking about it I find it interesting as well.

Planetary Conquest will not be a cheap undertaking when it comes to DUST and finances as it relates to DUST Corps. It’s not also something you can just throw a lot of ships at and hope to win by overwhelming numbers. DUST Corps don’t really have a great source of revenue as compared to EVE as yet. I would guess vast majority of DUST Corps either have no taxes or very minimal but even at that there isn’t much to Tax from Merc activities. Many such Corps rely on member donations to get Clone Packs for Planetary Conquest at somewhere around 80 Million ISK a pack of 150 Clones to Initiate a Planetary Conquest Battle as well for the initial planting of Clone Packs as flags on Planetary Districts. Players who have more ISK accumulated probably donate more to the cause I would guess.

But currently it’s a huge Investment for DUST Corps and Planetary Conquest, though it may be peanuts in EVE Online. District Battles whether to attack or defend a Planetary District will be of some limited size in numbers of players. And I can’t help but think most or vast majority of DUST Corp’s will try to have their act together and their best players if possible attacking a District owned by other Corps as well their best players if possible Defending their own districts as well. There is real ISK on the line and a sizable amount put down for Planetary Conquest of Districts. And I guess when your fighting that kind of battle I can’t help maybe think some vast majority of Corps are going to want their best players as well members that have contributed to the cause. Unless you’re a really small DUST Corp and don’t have enough players to field a full team in which case you need everyone to help if you’re attempting Planetary Conquest.

Maybe I’m just wrong or will be, however I can’t but help feel that many new players to DUST 514 that are starting today with a casual mindset will feel left out somewhat on that feature. Many new players will likely be expecting to just jump right in and expect to do Planetary Conquest will feel left out somehow. They may realize that they just don’t sign up to a new shiny FTP game, download DUST 514, log in and expect to immediately soon after jump into a Planetary Conquest battle to fight over planets. They probably heard Planets and Districts will be up for grabs with no idea how it all works. Much like I listened to today from some new players anxious to take part in Planetary Conquest. I don’t understand all of it myself though I know more than enough just from my sheer of reading.

I heard that conversation a few times today, some new players just started DUST 514 and anxious to start Planetary Conquest with not the slightest idea how it all works. One player had the idea to fire off an email to the CEO demanding info on when or how they will get to take part in Planetary Conquest barely a day in DUST. Also not realizing that DUST Corp/Alliance Directors and CEO will be running the show. And they will very much be running the show with who gets invited to Planetary Conquest District battles with ISK on the line for each battle. You got a limited amount of players who can be involved at any one time and chances are most DUST Corps will try to put their best foot forward after they have committed Tens of Millions of ISK and Clone Packs to a Battle.

Interesting times ahead in DUST 514 with Planetary Conquest as well newbie players just jumping into the deep of things, trying to comprehend their new Universe in DUST 514.



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