And the Contest Winners are…

Blog Contest Snapshot Pic

So that was the picture snapshot I took on 5th May, 2013 @ 0700 to have the Blog 3 Years of EVE Online numbers contest and find some numbers to use to give away a Fist Full of ISK.

The winning numbers were:

#1 – 830586

#2 – 238119

#3 – 71625

And the Contest Prize Winners are:

1st Prize of 1 Billion ISK  (1) :

Den T’meelkmi – 550546 (beats Pjharvey 550545 by just 1 number)

2nd Prize of 500 Million ISK each (2) :

Lithron – #176500

Dystran – #176600

3rd Prize of 250 Million ISK each (4) :

Slowsingingflowerbringing – #61000

Rom1 – #38391

Jonathan Buesing – #23650

Lightstar – #21010

The Special Prize Winners for Random Numbers of 335 Million ISK:



Runeme Shilter

Grats to the Winners: You can leave a comment below or as well mail AD at ArdentDefend @ gmail dot com with your EVE Character name so you can collect your winnings.



  • A very generous competition – congrats to the winners. My special prize can be sent to EveHermit.

    (I think I will spend this unjustified payout on an unjustified ship hull – maybe towards a Widow. Something I like the look of, but have absolutely no need for.)

  • Den T'Meelkmi

    Den T’Meelkmi is the in-game character as well.
    Thanks to your generosity, I’m almost ready to get into my first Loki!


  • The above poster is right, a very generous competition from a bloggr who is already very generous with their thoughts and industry tips! Please send my prize to: Clunge Mung thanks again, I too will be putting it towards my first loki funnily enough, for webbing goodness Dys

  • George Abdgdgwengo is my ingame name… Thanks a bunch for the give away, keep posting, we all love you (don’t play so much dust though 😛 )

  • Will get prizes sorted later today after work day over.

  • Oh.. sweet. Now I can’t say I never win anything. Please send the isk to Jiph Tsero, and I promise to spend it on silly pixel items. And keep on blogging, you do good work.

  • W00t, mines going into my carrier fund. Cheers!! In game name is, ERM well light star 🙂

  • Got all the Prize Winning sent out to everyone that won. Any issues let me know.

  • Mine hasn’t come through. That said I’ve just noticed it’s put a space in my name. I hate the artificial stupidity chips they put into phones. I’m assuming it’s been sent to the wrong person =o(

    • BTW, don’t think about repaying it, it’s my own fault for not checking the post before I commented. I’ll chase light star, and hope they’re actually active.

      • I’m going to guess it went to the wrong person of similar name with the space in their name who also didn’t have a pic and probably an inactive account.

        No problem, will resend the prize. I’ll GM petition the other that was sent to the wrong person.

        • Resent the Prize winning. Petitioned a GM to handle the other “Light star” character sent the ISK in error.

  • Thanks, you didn’t have to do tthat, so kudos.

    And the moral of the story is always proof read. And don’t trust predictive text phones.

    • CCP GM took care of it via petition, so issue resolved 🙂

  • Den T’meelkmi just added one to each of my guesses.

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