DUST 514 Uprising 1.0 & Patch Notes


Yes more DUST 514 awesomeness. Yes I’m excited about DUST 514. And yes we have the DUST 514 1.0 Patch Notes to look over in all its awesomeness and just maybe some of us figure out what the hell we gonna do reallocating all the Skill Points Respecing after Uprising for our DUST Merc character. There is also a new DUST Dev Blog on other Uprising Patch changes.

Character & Skill Point Specialization

I know this much. My DUST character will be full Logistics (Logibro). It’s my prefered game play, playing support dropping everything from Droplinks, Nanohives, poping Nano Injectors as a Medic, Repairing Squad, Team Dropsuits and Vehicular Repairs mostly. Logistics is fun role and you get to do a lot of fun stuff even if you don’t always get to try to shoot everyone most the time but get shot at all the time. You play a really important role doing Logistics in DUST 514. Other time fun stuff as well like Anti-Vehicle Logistics. But I still can’t really decide as yet for Weapon between a Mass Driver, Swarm Launcher and a Shotgun. I like them all! Each for a different reason!

I really love the Mass Driver and works well for Logistic Support and area denial, its awesome weapon if you can use it right. I absolutely love doing Anti-Vehicle Logistics with the Swarm Launcher and shooting down Aerial Vehicle Dropships and blowing up Mercs in their LAV’s and HAV’s and because few are the Mercs who run around packing a Rocket Launchers ready to go while doing Logistics. I love the Shotgun because, well It’s the weapon I get most kills with over the Mass Driver running Logistics at close quarter combat. Hey I’m logistics my Kill Ratio will likely never be anything to write home about. The Mass Driver is easy to use and seem a bit harder to master using properly. Can’t exactly shoot the Merc in front of you turning the corner with the Swarm Launcher but I love running with it and shooting triangles and squares as soon as I can get a positive lock to fire and blow it to hell up and everyone in it. Yeah tough decision for my main DUST Merc character.

I’m support role so it will likely come down to the Mass Driver or the Swarm launcher. And I guess I likely will wrestle with the decision till I have to actually place the actual Skill Point.

It’s pretty easy for my second DUST character, it will likely be a Heavy Tank with the HMG, and Forge Gun eventually. Pretty straight and forward when you’re a Heavy Slow Fat guy in a Dropsuit for the most part.

It will be a fun time come Uprising Patch on May 6th and all it brings for DUST 514. Your likely not that excited for DUST if all you’re doing is playing EVE.

I bet you never thought I’d enjoy PVP, let alone playing DUST 514, shooting other players and having fun at it. We all have our ways!


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