New EVE Trailer: Origins

That new EVE Trailer is so awesome!

More like an answer to the age old question… “What is EVE”? A question that’s never easy to explain to that other person without all the details of explaining EVE or EVE Online to them.

I’ve never managed to successfully explain EVE or EVE Online to anyone in RL that ever get it. So the “Origins” trailer pretty much helps much to do that.

One of the very best trailers CCP Games has ever made hands down in my opinion. As well a trailer fitting for the 10th Anniversary of EVE Online and merging of DUST 514 into the same universe of New Eden.

Watched that trailer at least a dozen times now and can’t help but want to see more. Wanting to maybe see an EVE Trilogy Movie made at some point. To big to be made in just one movie.


One comment

  • I’m not even gonna admit to the stuff welling up in my eyes, cause that wouldn’t be very manly or pirate like.

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