Still in Space!

I’m still playing EVE Online… quite obviously! But just spending more time playing and learning how to get better at playing DUST 514 Beta as well. While I’ve already admit I’ve never been an FPS player before ever, I find it a bit of a challenge just working at getting better at it playing DUST and still in the Universe of EVE. Yet I’m also excited about playing DUST 514 while some you bitter vets may not always feel the same way. Hey its all cool. For me It’s just a different pace than my normal slow pace of EVE which I don’t mind either. And DUST 514 works well with the way I play EVE as well.

  • All EVE Research Activity are all humming along just fine with well over 30+ slots conducting long research cycle on various stuff though mostly Capital Blueprints. 
  • EVE Market Trade is going fine, profit is increasing and usually does fine without me messing with it. Only requiring me to log in jump back and forth to a few regions and update orders. As well every once in a while restock something.

My EVE can run on autopilot just fine without me the way I play EVE. There is also nothing being Manufactured so all my Manufacturing slots are idle. Don’t bother me either. Not like I got anything really pressing to do with all the ISK piling up in the Billions than just make more ISK. But it certainly makes it much easier to spend time playing DUST 514 down on the planet while my minions still make profit overhead in space which pale in comparison to anything I make playing DUST as well.


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