DUST 514 – Confusion on the Human Endurance Event Day Count

Human Endurance Event Day Count


Think a lot of DUST players were confused by how the Days Count for the Human Endurance Event. Hell even I was confused as well. I was thinking CCP counted a day as one downtime session starting on that day to the next to keep it simple. But that wasn’t the case and I still wasn’t sure. Other players seemed confused, most seemed to have a different answer. So had to roam the DUST Forums for the answer. Apparently each day in whatever time zone you are in when you participate in the Beta event count as that day. So the time would be different for everyone in different time zones as long as it’s still that day.

Keeping it simple I guess by CCP could have been just counting starting downtime that day to downtime of server. But oh well. First week will be a bit of a mix bag as I mostly played in the wee hours of the morning except for the weekend.


One comment

  • Thank you for clearing up the confusion. I was also wondering about that because i play at 2am eastern till downtime.

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