DUST 514 – Planetary Conquest Info Updated

Planetary Conquest Updated EVE Bonus

So CCP has finally added some info in on how DUST 514 Planetary Conquest Mechanics will tug at EVE at the hip with the recent Dev Blog on Planetary Conquest Update. Yes it seems to be getting more real as Stabs say as well. If you had tried to read that long mega thread on the DUST 514 Forums with lots and lots of feedback by the DUST Devs and players all the way through, CCP seemed to be looking into a range of various interesting ways to have the benefits flow back and forth between DUST 514/EVE with Planetary Conquest and Planetary control and ownership. So I guess the first look of what some those bonuses will be from the EVE side.

Nice thing that CCP will also be condensing all that information changes to Planetary Conquest and Mechanics into one area as there was a lot of feedback information scattered all through that DUST 514 Forums thread for Planetary Conquest feedback. Which was allot! All that info which was hard to find without having to endure reading over 60+ pages of forum feedback and Dev comments.

The numbers for Planetary Conquest as it related to DUST 514 side with Clone Mechanic (attacking, defending, generation, moving & cost) and SI (Surface Infrastructures) has now changed much from the old previous numbers based on DUST 514 Forums feedback for the not yet implemented game mechanic. So seem CCP is listening much to player feedback.

However just thinking, a POS is anchored around a Moon which orbits a Planet. Wonder if there will ever soon be benefits from Moons as well in those planetary contested areas. That could possibly make Planets with lots of Moons quite valuable. Maybe changes to Moons and their resources as well in EVE. I guess TBD as DUST 514 Beta progresses.




  • I wonder what they will do with wormholes. A lot of us run PI farms in wormholes. When this is implemented a sov -1.00 temperate planet with DUST control will out-produce a wormhole. Later on no doubt this will be extended to non-temperate planets.

    For most people it probably doesn’t make a big difference – if you’re set up in a wormhole you’ll just swallow the loss and if you’re in null you’ll arrange your PI to optimise your gains.

    And of course it ties into the CSM. If as expected the null bloc sweeps the CSM that means no wormholers on the CSM despite several good candidates and less chance to protest this.

    • Best I can fully recall reading and multiple times as well CCP has said for first implementation of DUST 514 at launch and out the door DUST 514 will not be in Wormholes or have an effect on it. It likely won’t be a while if that. But thats what CCP has said several times in the past on the forums and in answering player questions.

      I can only guess though given the question if and when CCP was to attempt to tie DUST 514 to the mechanic’s of living in, operating in WH Space. Wormhole space PI mechanics, I can only guess it will likely be some time down the road when DUST 514 is moving along and performing stable enough on its own in known space. At which point later down the road in time for CCP to maybe implement and try new mechanics to join all of EVE tighter to the hip with DUST 514. At least that’s my best guess.

      The mechanics of WH Space and living there is already different enough to known space as it is for CCP to likely want to throw DUST 514 at it and open all kind of nightmare scenario and ramification without proper thought out mechanic. But yes looking at the EVE side Bonus to be gained from Planetary Control/Ownership via DUST 514 WH dweller’s will just be missing out on things and those in LS and Null Sec will receive the most benefit for now or some time to come. Kinda the way it is and someone will always get the long end of the stick.

      The other thing to consider as well why WH Space is somewhat off limit in an odd way is reading the travel restrictions or “Jump Restriction” on DUST 514 Clone Travel in how they Travel via a Planet, System and amount Systems. It’s listed in the Table in the PC update. But CCP has explained on the Forums in the DUST 514 Mega feedback thread for Planetary Control that DUST Clones suffer a fate of Attrition the further away from base that they attempt to jump their Clones. CCP has said it will be strategic move when anyone attempt to send Clones far away from base.

      There is the current limit of 6 jumps and that result in only a 45% survivability rate of the Pack of Clones sent to any system at 6 jumps out. They can jump no further. With WH Space being some thousands of jump from Known Space I guess that won’t work attrition wise. At least that’s the other side of the logic given the new mechanic. As CCP will have to invent new Mechanics for DUST 514 Clones to be able to travel to WH. Another reason I can only guess that will be some time off to come if it ever does. But hey this is a game, not everything runs on logic or what should be logical or by CCP.

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