DUST 514 PSH Exclusive LAV and Endurance Event starts today


Playstation Home Space Exclusive

Cool Free Stuff! You can get this exclusive CreoDron LAV thru Playstation Home Space (PSH) by logging in playing a game of Slay and watching all 4 faction videos and you should be able to claim 10 Blueprint Copies of the LAV. I hear it don’t really take all that long to do that. Seems also to be for a limited time. Source.

DUST 514 Beta Event: The Human Endurance Event start – April 3rd – April 7th

DUST514 HUman Endurance Event

Update: The Event has been updated by CCP Games to last ALL of April with weekly Events starting Wednesday to Sunday. Rewards issued the following Tuesday likely after downtime.

Cool Stuff, I’ll likely be doing that anyway just doing a few daily matches: But play 1-3 Matches daily for the Human Endurance Event to win some free cool stuff. Just easily play 3 Matches daily and you get max rank for that day and win some top stuff advance reward gear. Not hard to play 3 Matches. You can just play at minimum 1 Match a day if you don’t have much time. Free stuff is good, and don’t cost you any ISK that’s good in DUST 514 for now.

DUST514 Human Endurance Event RewardsJust log in and play 5 quick Matches daily. Win! Source.


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