DUST 514 Planetary Conquest

Its tough and allot to keep up on things just happening in and around EVE Online, blogs and just playing the game. Add DUST 514 Beta and its even damn harder to keep up with the flow of information and changes with the game in Beta let alone playing the game. So just trying to read up on followup on the DUST 514 Forums and Dev Blogs on stuff and preserve some links to read later on stuff.

Anyway I was reading a forum thread on Planetary Conquest followup by the Devs and linked over to EVE Wiki to check out the still relatively new Wiki Link for DUST 514 Planetary Conquest. There is some bits of interesting information there just reading the entire page and its implication for Planetary Conquest, Planetary Districts Control and value of control area, ISK generation and likely capital Investment for Corps (Clones) or district assets (Infrastructure) from the DUST side of things. Just knowing when Friendly Fire (FF) is enabled is important as well for obvious reasons. From the looks of it, seems lots of advantages for really good DUST Corps to just establish control of one planet district by district. Trying to jump across systems and further jumps out to battle on distant planets is gonna cost DUST Bunnies big time in Clone, Clone Cost and ISK it appears. All interesting! But good to have some idea of whats ahead down the road just trying to keep up on things.

But I’m sure that Wiki page will likely grow in info over time as it’s all Beta as more stuff gets added and things get changed. The related and reference thread below is quite a long one with lots of Dev activity but a very good read for lots of followup answers on all sorts of stuff related to Planetary Conquest and more.

Related & Reference: DUST 514 Planetary Conquest Thread.

Thought I drop these bits from this Dev response in the thread interesting and it amusing…

D514 Clone Resource

This is amusing...

This is amusing…

Wow, that's madness!

Wow, that’s madness!

I can only guess of all there reasons one can come up with for limited ISK transfer between EVE and DUST 514 in the beginning that right there is a good reason why it’s in place. Imagine if that wasn’t in place, rich Mega Alliances with Trillions and Billions of ISK, Super Rich Tycoons would easily snap buy up lots of System Planets and all their various Districts inserting clones in them all over.

Be one the lucky few Corps to claim territory first!

Be one the lucky few Corps to claim territory first!



  • It’s starting to get really exciting. I am kind of on hiatus from DUST as it doesn’t really “matter” to an Eve player but I would love to see the games becoming genuinely economically integrated

  • I think the full economic integration will take some time and likely not for a while after launch for full integration. The amount of capital and ISK in New Eden could surely do allot of damage integrating DUST fully. Just imagine the silly amount of ISK that would get thrown around claiming ALL Planetary Districts if both games were fully integrated backed up by Mega Alliances with coffers of Trillions of ISK.

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