DUST 514 Equipment Tech and More New Toys soon


DUST 514 seems to have some interesting Tech Toys to play with, at least to me it seems so. Most notable of which are all the various Gun hardware and their variations. You got all the Dropsuits as well which can be fitted like all the numerous ships in EVE. Then you got the Vehicles you get to deploy on the battlefield from LAV’s, HAV’s to Dropships (who knows what else in the future). You get to man or capture some powerful land cannons/turrets as well deployed on the battlefield to play with and well shoot DUST Bunnies. Yet the stuff a DUST Mercenary get to carry around equipped to Dropsuits can be quite interesting, nifty and a godsend to have when your playing the field. And more so if your one them Logibro’s (logistics). And those guys are very cool to have around and likely play for a lot of good reasons.

I’ve noticed that in the time I’ve been playing more recently just getting more settled into playing the game how cool all the Toys can be. On a Dropsuit equipment level Nothing beats having some handy Nanohive’s you can drop from equip Dropsuit when your low on ammo and far from supply depot or provide support to squad with. Try running out of ammo and realize how great it is to be able to drop some a deployed Nanohive right there.

Got killed, well hey you’re in luck getting back quickly into the game or where you were at that nice advantage spot having a Droplink to spawn you back to that spot quickly. Whether you dropped a Droplink or someone else dropped them or some other Logibro dropped them for your squad, those things are damn nifty to have around or be provided. You can even go a bit further and say hell damn nice to have a Logi guy around that can quickly revive you with a Nano Injector and save you not loosing your fitted Dropsuit. As well, a Logibro providing on site repair to your suit. Quite some nifty toys there to use or carry depending on your Mercenary function.

In one the latest DUST 514 Dev Blog (Worth Reading) CCP goes over some the DUST Equipment, their use and how many of them are used by players. Interesting graphs and such and market analysis stuff. But it’s not hard to see why Nanohives are at the top of the list. Duhh, Ammo replenishment! A DUST Bunny with no ammo is just about a dead one eventually.

CCP Wolfman on new Equip.

CCP Wolfman on new Equip.


However as well, from the same DEV Blog Dusties will be getting some more new equipment toys soon for DUST 514 Beta. A new Active Scanner Gun to find those hard to find Dusties. A new Shield Generator you can quickly deploy for protection. And a new Cloaking Field (EVE: Cloaking Device) likely to be fitted to the Dropsuits for moving and sneaking around the Battlefield by Scouts mostly.

New Toys to play with will likely be fun for some and I’m sure damn annoying to others on the receiving end of it. But such is the way of things usually. Though the objective will still always remain to kill the enemy and win. I can only guess the DUST Bunnies will continue to get more cool stuff in the future for Equipment Tech to play with.

DUST Uprising Tweet

DUST 514 gets a new patch for Uprising which launch May 6th and all kind of good stuff is stated for that including a much-anticipated Graphics Update and Optimization for DUST 514.

For me I’m just working at getting better at playing DUST 514 as well playing in a Corp Squad with my Dustbro’s.

One comment

  • Serpentine Logic

    The K-17D Cistern Nanohive is great to help squaddies. It reps armor as well as refills their ammo.

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