Trailer: Merging DUST 514 & EVE Online, It’s Happening

Because I like cool Vids!

Cool Trailer! Wonder how long it took CCP to make that? Given it apparently wasn’t ready at the time of the event. Guess not that long. Still cool though to finally get a trailer for the Battle for Caldari Prime event. I think it will be good from a Marketing aspect for both games. Even people who apparently don’t play EVE Online or DUST 514 Beta seem to be jazzed by it and the accomplishment of tying two gaming platform together. Other giant gaming companies haven’t accomplished that apparently as yet.

Make move cool trailer video CCP!  I’m also not as pessimistic and cynical like some players are also. More cool trailers are good and fun to watch. Watched that one a few times.



  • This is a fan made video, right?

    • CCP Games released via IGN.

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