Missed the Space Battle for Caldari Prime, Nothing to See…

Caldari Titan Beacon

Except a beacon!

I didn’t get to see the Battle for Caldari Prime live and in space. I had to do that work thing like a lot of other players. I just tried to keep up with the live event in game via Twitter like a lot of other players likely working as well. That also ran down the battery charge on my iPhone so missed the live play by play after half way through the live event. By the time I got home from the job, the event was way past already over. Like some players I had a ship in the system the day before and got it done before downtime previous day. I thought it would have lasted 23.5 hrs, yeah right.

So all I got to see was a Beacon of where the Caldari Titan previously was and bunch of Concord ships around the area. Oh well!

Maybe next time CCP can do things better and schedule such big events where most their customers can see the events. So I settled for seeing the event on YouTube Video.

Things CCP could have maybe done better?

  • Like many have already said, schedule the live event when most their customers would get a chance to see the event. I guess the challenge is also CCP has to run a business and scheduling live events can be problematic for employees beyond the normal day schedule in Iceland that may not jive with all their customers around the globe. Yet a learning experience for CCP and they can do better and learn from it. Someone will likely always get screwed around the globe no matter what time an event is scheduled.
  • Though it could pose a lot of extra work and challenge dealing with making extra artwork, map details for DUST 514 and NPC Dev work it would have been better for all players I think to have the event outcome a variable outcome based on the player action. CCP having the ability to go with whatever DUST 514 Maps and after consequence as a result of player actions. I’m sure that’s possible. But it would have been more enjoyable for all the players knowing that their actions mattered and likely be more fun. Yet knowing EVE players, someone, some Corp, some Alliance would rather spoil things and get bragging rights that they spoiled the event throwing a monkey wrench into things for the mix.
  • Yeah I agree as well a Trailer with the Titan going down as well the ending of the event would have been great for the end of the event. It just seemed to rather just end with nothing more really. Still would be great if CCP made a Trailer yet for the event, it deserves one.
  • It sound like a technological challenge, but maybe would have been better if much more players outside the system could have gotten in the system to see or participate in the live event or any future live event. That sound like something CCP should maybe solve eventually to make events or live events truly Epic with lots of players.

I know some players will bash CCP no matter how well they try to do anything live events related. I’ll give CCP a thumbs up for the event, pulling it off and at least letting the players have some fun. They can likely learn from it and just do better next time with live events.

Most interesting thing to Me leading up to the Event was the forums

Battle for Caldari Prime Dev Responce


Many players in Faction Warfare were crying and complaining about not being able to participate due to being in the Militia and their Security Status. What I find most perplexing about this is what seem to be a double standard in EVE. Players seem to want it both ways when it suits their own interest or convenience.

If EVE is a game of consequence and your actions do truly matter then if you been fighting against any the Empire all this time in Faction Warfare and a known enemy of the state and have a bad Security Status where the Faction Police will normally come chase you as would be normal; then why do people complain that due to an event in a certain area of space they can’t get into such system in an empire space. So I tend to agree with the statement CCP Goliath made, and find it perplexing at the same time the outcry on the forums.

Being of two minds about things usually I look at things another way. If this live event or any live event was stated to happen in Low Sec or Null Sec the residents, Corps and Alliances of those areas would likely be in favor of it happening there. But I’m sure there would be massive outcry from those who in High Sec would have loved to see the event but could not safely enter the Low Sec Systems as well Null Sec Sov space such an event would happen in safely. Then the argument would now be, well sucks to be you and everyone else in High Sec or other areas of space who maybe cant (safely) enter our space in Low Sec and Null Sec Sov space for the event. And the trolling on the forums would be enormous.

And this is where I from time to time I see the double standard of things in EVE. People either wanting things both ways or when it suit their own interest. Hey CCP turn off the Faction Police so I can enter space to see the event, CCP did. Ok now the live event is over you can go back to turning on the Faction Police as normal.

Lets see here… in a likely scenario such an event was in Null Sec, would CCP temporary turn off Sovereignty? Would the gate camping temporary stop for an event so people can safely pass through? Would CCP make it convenient for others to enter such space so everyone from every area of space can be included and show up to the event? I rather think that aren’t gonna happen. As the voices of those who can shout the loudest and make the most noise wouldn’t have it or any such nonsense like it. But some players seem to want it both ways when it suit their interest.

One thought on “Missed the Space Battle for Caldari Prime, Nothing to See…

  1. In regards to the double standard I think you missed the point. Forget sec status because that wasn’t the main argument of people. The argument was that anyone that fought on the Caldari Side in Faction War would have horrible Gallente Standings and therefore would have faction navys chasing them while the Gallente Faction War Players would have no issue. If you ignore games rules for a moment and look solely at the lore, the space surrounding Caldari Prime is Caldari Space therefore the Caldari faction navy should be attacking anyone with bad Caldari standing. The truth of the matter, with a big navy vs navy battle going on, both navys should be present and attacking anyone with bad standings.

    Second, I don’t see how there is an issue if a live event is in low (I won’t speak of null as I have no experience there). No one player has any advantage over another. In low, you could even say the high sec status people will have an advantage over low sec status people as attacking full pies won’t trigger gate gun fire. Furthermore, with this event in particular, as everyone was suspect flagged, it was no different than low sec except for not allowing capitals.


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