DUST 514 Recruitment

My Dust Corp Recruitment Video: The Unholy Legion of Darkstar

In my little corner of the universe I don’t mind helping CCP market their game DUST 514, even if it’s still in Beta and more so plugging a recruitment video for my over the top DUST Corp of a bunch a Mercenaries I think are a bit nuts. At least I think I’m the sane one even though I’m relatively new to Corp by a couple of days. But hey I got a blog, I do it rarely but might as well use it as a billboard once in a while.

Most you readers are already in New Eden… most likely I guess playing EVE. But for some those readers, that guy/gal out there who don’t yet play either EVE or DUST 514 you too might want to get a start in DUST 514 as a Mercenary.


Forge Guns are Awesome!

But do it the right way and just don’t get a start, get a headstart to your Mercenary Career. Sign up for a DUST 514 account using This Link and get an Exclusive Recruit Starter Pack signing up for the game from CCP Games. Takes 24 hrs to be applied to account once signed up for a DUST 514 account.

Get your PS3, common down and play DUST 514 and get your headstart! Do it!

Ok a good DUST 514 starter video to get you going. Enjoy!

Edited Post and Video.


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