Thought’s on Dusting Planetside Below


I’m far from being good at DUST on the ground… at the moment! Playing with a PS3 Controller just sucks and I’ve died more times at the hands of that damn controller which takes allot to get used to as well. I might just get a plugin Keyboard soon. My Kills and Kill Ratio as a DUST Merc are nothing to write home to the blog about either, but I can certainly say I’ve gotten better than where I was previously playing in the long gaps of time I hadn’t played.

One the thing that sucks in DUST is not having a good Tutorial for controlling your character. There are a few on telling you how to use the market and fitting and all that. But none you easily can pull up to even remember what all your controls supposed to do. Actually there is one for the controls but its in the options setting for the controls. But either way you kinda have to do live trial and error and that cost you wasted ammo, clones. You have to learn fumbling your way through using your controls, through the fast paced game of DUST. Youtube seems to be a much better and faster option to figure out stuff just watching video’s.

There seems to be different ways to play DUST on the ground obviously whether your twitchy and trigger happy killing people in close quarters assault (I suck at that at the moment), mowing down others driving over them by Land Vehicle (fun), or Gunning from Aerial Dropship Vehicle, being slow delivering a big punch with Heavy Armor/Ammunition or even just Sniping from some unknown location (seems fun), or just playing Logistics and providing support and providing spawn points and ammo drops while in support role. All Just reminds me of different play styles in DUST514 just like in EVE Online. But I’ve never been much a FPS Player, but DUST is part of EVE and I get it.

And thought the maps available to play in DUST514 are limited at the moment there is for some odd, dark and twisted mental reason in me to like the game and what it eventually could eventually evolve into over time.

In some ways DUST514 reminds me of the challenge of starting EVE Online with its huge complexity and learning curve. DUST has its own as well, but less of it while its still in Beta and yet to mature as a game like EVE has. You get a leg up on DUST having played and understanding EVE Online Fittings, Skill System, Marketplace and the relationship of the new Mercs in the Empires and the role of Planets and so forth. Those things come easy to you as an experience EVE capsuleer.

I guess what you want to get good at in the end with DUST is well Killing your enemy and with some efficiency. I find it much easier to tolerate death and loosing gear in DUST at this point than in EVE Online and that is really very odd given how many times one can die in DUST in a single fast paced match. For me the challenge is to just get better at playing DUST on the ground with not the best of controls at the moment, Keyboard may just be easier.

Everyone dies in DUST514 and you will die allot and quite often replacing you clones. I’ve gotten over that somewhat in DUST. I guess you die maybe a bit less as you get better at controlling your character and awareness on the ground and not making stupid mistakes. Sometimes it can’t be helped spawning at a spawn point and dying before you have barely spawned and got time to move due to camping at spawn points. But regardless, I can already see the decision process in my mind that I’ll be committed to playing DUST514 to some degree for the long haul and hopefully getting better at it and see where that eventually goes. I got a PS3, I might as well make some good use of it as well.

One the way I see it is, you may never want to play DUST514 or play it much. Whatever! But if you can get to create a character it’s alt least worth creating a character when the game goes live. No idea if characters SP will all get wiped before the game ever goes live or how that will work. Because who knows what will change in the future of New Eden and having a DUST character already created will have earned you some good amount of passive skill point accumulation over the life of that character since it was created. You get allot more active skill point gained actively playing matches. But if some day down the road you decide to go planetside in DUST for whatever your reason, you can just reawaken your character and utilize all that passive skill points that have accumulated over all that time you haven’t played your character. Its much better than trying to create your character at that time and be months or years behind everyone else.

2 thoughts on “Thought’s on Dusting Planetside Below

  1. I have similar feelings about wanting dust to succeed, being a capsuleer who is bad at FPS. I’ll probably give it a go come release and get myself a PS4.


  2. I’ve never played much FPS before so the most FPS i’ve ever played is all currently playing DUST 514. You don’t have to be the most twitchy or in your face to play DUST, as there are obviously different ways to play DUST 514. Whether your playing Scout and running light, Assault and in the Front, Heavy and delivering the heavy Ammo or also playing more Logistics Support. All various ways to play DUST as a Team.

    Everyone will die in DUST, you will die often! Thats just the way it is, you eventually get over it and get back into the game. You have some preset gear so if your using those gear sets till you get good or decent it’s not costing you much when you die. Unless your using the better gear to train with. I’m mostly using my militia preset gear for the moment.

    Don’t wait till DUST has gone live to start playing. START NOW! By the time DUST 514 goes live many players playing DUST since Beta will likely be Millions of Skill Points ahead. As it don’t appear there will be any Skill Point Reset for launch. And that’s the biggest reason to sign up for DUST now or start playing to get better and gaining Skill Points.


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