Dusting down below


Not a big FSP player, never played them much in the past except them Arcade shooter games. But not a FSP player at all by any means. Have had a DUST 514 Beta account since last Summer, but have only played it on and off every now and then. And last I really played was back in early January.

However just been embracing death getting shot in the face Dusting planetside below and just enjoying playing a bit of DUST and trying it out for what it is win, loose or met with lots of clone death and more death than anything else. But I’m enjoying it some anyway.

Actually seem to enjoy DUST more as a gunner in the Aerial Vehicles that fly around the Battlefield.  Somehow at one time I tried to respawn somehow and I ended up on an Aerial Vehicle which was cool. I think the Vehicle was in the Spawn Point that I was spawning in best I can tell and several times did that ended up on different Aerial Vehicles and just went gunner every time. Then had to figure out how to use the guns shooting reds below. I seem to be enjoying that more.

Not sure what’s the best DUST Specialty for that sniping from an Aerial Vehicle on the battlefield? Sniper?


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