Increase NPC Cost for BPO’s and Skill Books, pt 2

NPC Price Increases


Blueprints or BPO’s

I’ve run thru various category of BPO’s on the Market and the only ones I can come up with that weren’t affected by the Increase NPC Cost are…

  • Starbase & Sovereignty Structure BPO’s (ALL).
  • Nanite Repair Paste BPO.
  • Under Manufacture & Research Components BPO’s: Hybrid Components BPO’s (T3 Ship Component Construction) & Station Components BPO’s.
  • Deployable Equipment BPO’s (Containers). Fairly new sets of BPO’s as many were recently added in a few Patches back for Retribution expansion.

Skill Books

The Skill Books I’ve noticed that haven’t increased in NPC price as compared to before, which are allot to look thru in all their categories are…

  • Sovereignty listed under Corp Management skills.
  • Planet Management Skills (ALL).
  • All Science skills relating to Invention for Invention Sciences and Racial Encryption as well T3 Subsystem Reverse Engineering Tech Skills.

As to what BPO’s and Skill Books even that may have been lowered in price at NPC… I have no clue as that’s hard to really tell.

NPC Price Variance

The price variance CCP Fozzie is likely indicating to is the one where previously if you bought a lot of the NPC BPO Stock and bought more than the quantity amount in stock listed for whatever your reason the NPC Price would jump up about 20-21% at that one specific NPC Station and only increase slightly from that point further. Why this was changed I have no real idea. But I wonder what kind of manipulation someone might have being engaging it that may have caused the change. No clue there.

For most NPC listing quantities its hard to buy out the listed stock when there are hundreds or thousands that get automatically immediately replaced at higher price, but its much easier to buy out stock when there are less than say 40 of the BPO’s at low-cost and less than say 8 or 4 listed. Or maybe coming behind someone who at the same station had previously bought 3 when the max listed is 4 and the NPC Price automatically resets higher until the price resets lower after a period of no or less activity at that specific station for that item.

So I’ve already noticed this change already buying up some stocks of BPOs and noticed the NPC price buying out the stock going up very slightly but not as noticeable in % as before. At first I thought it was odd or a bit lag delayed that the station price where I was at didn’t jump or spike as what i expect would be usual buying up the max quantity stock. It seems now, it only just goes up slightly above all the other regional listing.

But as far as I can tell those are the changes I’ve noticed. But who know what else have changed that no one else may have possibly noticed, that would be interesting.

In the end as I’ve thought before, this seems all like an ISK sink increase by CCP or by Dr E for some reason. Too much ISK in New Eden?


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