Increase “NPC” Cost for BPO’s & Skill Books

I hadn’t noticed this until earlier last night when I was just doing some market restocking of some blueprints. At first I thought it was a bit odd that what I knew off the top of my head the NPC price to be of a certain kind of BPO’s had in fact increased.

I looked at the price again and wondered if I was missing something. Nope, I wasn’t and all the stations in region has about the same price increase. So I curiously rechecked various other BPO’s I usually resell, and a few random ones. And almost all of them has some increase to some degree from various Modules to various Ships BPO’s. And I wondered how did I miss the fact that CCP had increased the “NPC” original price of much of the BPO’s on the Market. It can be hard at times to keep up with everything that changed in EVE as the changes can be many.

But many BPO’s seemed to have increased from somewhere around 5-12% but they all can vary. Some BC priced had doubled due to BC Teircide, but that one was kinda expected already with some BPO price increase with all the changes. So I checked other random ships BPO from Carriers to Dreads and all seemed to have had price Increases to their original “NPC” BPO cost. I started wondering where did I miss that, that’s a HUGE MISS! A miss to not have taken advantage of as well and not profit from it also. So being a bit more curious wondering what else might have changed I pulled up and checked some of the more expensive Skill Books from the NPC Academy’s to see their prices as well and they too had increased in price. At at that point it finally dawned on me just why exactly did my competition in a few regions has all of a sudden over last few days seemed to all have increased their prices on some Skill Books I also sold on the market. Not knowing what was up I went ahead with the modest price increase to not be a spoiler though I had no idea prices of BPO’s and Skill Books had increased.

NPC Regional Prices

Archon Graph 1

Archon Graph 2

Raven Graph 2

Raven Graph 1

Skill Book Graph 1

Skill Book Graph 2

So again out of curiosity I went and pulled up another window over the game window to find the recent and previous patch notes. I can’t recall seeing anything there that mentioned anything about these changes. But that’s cool at least i’m noticing the changes.

If you’re not in the business of often buying BPO’s or buying and trading BPO’s and Skill Books you might not have really noticed or even paid attention to notice the changes.

But am I the only one that missed this?

Did you miss this too? Or did you clearly know about this? Maybe you just learning about this as well.

Random checking at the time a Prophecy ship BPO went from about 225 Million ISK NPC original to about 580 Million ISK after the BPO price changes. That’s just one ship BPO among all the others that had huge increase in cost for teircide and many others with smaller percentage increase. Now you could have easily doubled your money there or profited good eventually selling your BPO’s.

Man I clearly missed this, what seem like across the board price increases by CCP to BPO’s and Skill Books. Did you catch the wave on this and profited?

I should have bought them last few extra BC BPO’s I needed a few weeks ago. That’s gonna cost me a bit now. And that Freighter BPO is gonna cost me even more $$, plus all the Components BPO’s as well I’m sure. OUCH!

Hmm, I guess the flip side positive of this is that if you got an Asset Collection of BPO’s, well they have gone up in value across the board just about. All if not most of them.

Edit Update 03/10/2013 08:40: I just found a resulting forum thread about Stealth NPC Price changes on the forums here.

10 thoughts on “Increase “NPC” Cost for BPO’s & Skill Books

  1. I didn’t have a clue either. A bit rude not to have had some of the top tier ship BPO prices drop to an average somewhere in the middle of the price range.


  2. Well glad to know I wasn’t the only one not aware of these changes. This can be huge when your thinking about Trading and ISK especially if your a big market hub trader or a Jita Trader.

    Many BPO’s on Contracts could likely be close to or possibly now below NPC Cost if they were posted for the 2 weeks duration. I haven’t checked to tell exactly, but the increase in price could now be above their Contract sell prices depending on the BPO as a result of this possibly. Thats unless they are sold out as a result of people buying them up noticing a price increase and running the stock listing out.

    As well quite a few people in places like Jita, resell BPO’s or Skill Books and close enough to NPC Prices, but above the original prices enough to make a modest profit with their low Tax Ratio. The volume listing on these can be many, but If they had lots of Skill Books or BPO’s that were on the marker or the stuff were slow selling on the market they might not have noticed either that NPC prices have gone up and prices are now closer to the new NPC increased prices.


      1. Quite likely!

        Most of the deals are likely gone by now, but who knows. I was able to pick up a few deals today based on the already increased in prices of BPO’s.

        Picked up a Talos BC BPO for 600 M on Contract which was about 100 Million less than Jita price and about 50 Million less than the new NPC price. Also didn’t have a Drake BPO in assets and picked up a Researched one at 400 M in Domain region which was just 50 M above the old price and at least 100 Million or so lower than the new one. Only now missing 3 BC BPO’s for my collection of assets so i’m ok with picking up the few today. I’m sure more deals could of been had closer to the change date on Contracts if not had picked them up cheap at the NPC in the first place back then.

        Looking across the regional markets seem much people weren’t aware of the changes as they didn’t seem to be much stocking up on BPO’s ahead of the changes outside of the Teircide BC BPO’s and a few BS BPO’s.


  3. I’m not so much unhappy about the change but the fact that CCP didn’t mention it after the event in the patch notes. I suppose no one would like to wake up one morning and find they have to pay 10% more for staple items better to let people find out gradually :).

    PS. Apparent the change was on before the test server first but who buys items for anything but 100isk there.


    1. Yeah i’m not unhappy about the change either, but a heads up could have been nice. I know I was planning some Freighter and Capital BPO Component Investment for some while but weren’t picked up since I didn’t really had a way to get them easily researched. If had known a price increase was coming would have gone ahead and all picked them up to go ahead and get them researched in future. That now will cost me about an extra Billion ISK and more. On the flip side might have bought a few of some other BPO to flip at some point for profit as they increased.

      Yet I’m not going to fault CCP for giving us some surprises in patches and having to deal with the consequences of such changes after. A relative few of players seemed to have taken advantage of things when the changes were made, but my best guess seem to be that they took advantage of the BPO’s that were aimed at the BC’s for Teircide changes and some BS BPO’s that are stated for Teircide in the next few months. Scanning the samples of BPO’s outside of that in various regions that were increased in price, they seem to be unaffected by any increase in volume bought for speculation increase in price vs what was normally bought.

      But yeah you likely right too, if the change was already on the Test Server it can be hard to notice when everything cost 100 ISK there as well. But it wasn’t indicated in any patch notes after the change or forecasted ahead of it.

      I guess thinking of it in a way, CCP increased the sink cost for removing ISK from the system by increasing “many” BPO and Skill Book cost. As it seem to be some BPO’s that weren’t all affected eg: Starbase Structure BPO’s as some the same price still remain for some structures based on what I knew the price to be before. But figuring out what all BPO’s that were or weren’t affected is quite hard.

      Like EVEHermit has indicated to above, if CCP had made it knows ahead of time they were going to increase the BPO Cost of many BPO’s across the board, it’s no telling the amount of BPO Buying for speculation that would have happened all over as well with Skill Books as well.

      But it’s good to eventually be aware of the change gradually like I discovered. But I only took notice because I’m used to buying various BPO’s and Skill Books and clearly can remember what the exact NPC Price usually were all those time to notice the sudden change.


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