The Last Month of Activity

Things are starting to pile up so better get to it to before it backs up too much. So just gonna post and catch up on almost everything all in one.

Though my older character is far more experienced at T2 Invention than my younger character, the younger is far behind as it relates to T2 Invention. But I finally got my other younger character trained up to some degree that he can now finally do some Inventions to a limited degree due to skill. So had him run his very first few Invention cycles to attempt to invent some Small Focus Pulse Lasers II BPC’s.

Small Focused Pulse Laser Invention

So for that his results was 12/20 for his very first Invention attempt with 4/4/4 skills. That’s 4 for Amarr Encryption Method, need Science skill 1, needed Science skill 2. Not bad for his first attempts, sure he will likely have many more Invention attempts to burn. He has since produced and sold most of those T2 Small Focused Pulse Laser II’s.

At some point back for the first Retribution Patch I had Invented and eventually produced a bunch of 280mm Howitzer Artillery II. I’m not really sure why I had made those, but it was a mistake. What I remember thinking I was aiming for at the time was to make some weapon turrets that would likely get used to fit the new Algos Destroyer best I can remember. I didn’t have the BP at the time so I acquired a few BPO’s, and the BPO for the 280mm Howitzer Artillery was one of them. It got Research Copied, ran thru the Invention Cycle for the T2 BPC’s and they were eventually produced. Put them on the market and almost forgot about them. A while later I somehow noticed they just weren’t selling at all. And so when I looked I realized I had produced the wrong T2 all the while.

280mm Howitzer Artillery II

I think what I had intended was to likely some Light Ion Blaster II but that never happened. But it didn’t really matter, the 280mm Howitzer Artillery II’s weren’t selling much in my local market. So I had them moved a few jumps not to Amarr close by but a Inaro station close to the Caldari/Amarr border.

280mm Howitzer Artillery II Wallet Log

They all sold over the course of two weeks, with one person buying up most the entire lot. They all sold that’s all that mattered and were gotten rid of. Probably used on some Thrasher to gank capsuleer’s crossing the Caldari/Amarr border route. I guess I played my small part in the grank scheme of things in New Eden producing weapons.

Containers continue to sell through out several regions where they were seeded on the market across various Solar Systems Pre-Retribution Patch.

Think I caused that spike right before the Retribution Patch in my Region.

Think I caused that spike right before the Retribution Patch in my Region.

My Initial Investment in the container lot that was bought before Retribution Patch has already more than paid for itself with over 15K Small Containers and about 1200 Giant Secure Containers. More regional were lots of Station Containers across several Solar Systems in local region. Though many containers still remain on the market, it’s all profit as they each sell off over time.

Made a few Battlecruisers (BC) for the Retribution 1.1 Patch, no more than 30 each of the various ones, with the Prophecy and the Ferox the most produced BC ships. So far they continue to sell well slowly daily. The regional competition hasn’t gotten too bad with everyone trying to sell the BC ships they produced with prices slowing moving upwards. For Retribution 1.1 with the BC changes it was still a fair bit of minerals bought up with most from Khanid Region in bulk, and lots of logistics done to get all the ships produced.

Had Invested and bought up several Battlecruisers BPO’s that I didn’t have and dropped them to get ME Researched. They weren’t going to finish in time to get used to produce the ships for the patch so I ended up buying several BPC’s for each one and had most BC produced that way from BPC’s other than the few BC BPO’s I already had ( Prophecy, Ferox ) before.

During the run up to Retribution 1.1 our Corp/Alliance had 2 Wardec’s that happened back to back and made logistics a bit difficult. So I switched and relied more on Contracts to get stuff moved. One of the Contracts that originated from Jita that was picked up, failed to get delivered by the courier. It was a wrapped package as is my standard procedure on shipments.

He failed to deliver.

He failed to deliver.

The Contract was picked up, it had less than 24hrs delivery time and the package never arrived at destination. Was a shipment of mostly minerals bought in Jita. I can only imagine what happened, maybe he got ganked with other cargo he may have being carrying and lost his ship and all cargo with it. But hey, that’s why you insure your shipment packages with a Collateral Payment by the Contractor in cause of such things or failure to deliver. In the end the Collateral more than covered the cost of the goods that was in shipment. It did delay some BC’s getting build though.

The Contractor

Yet I still do wonder what happened to Mr Chant on that courier run?

We had quite a bit of Wardec activity with the Alliance, and some other capsuleers did some really stupid and silly stuff, as well some new folks to the Corp/Alliance. And so we had back to back Wardec from the German Freekshow Alliance for the last 2 weeks with the last war much a snoozer and no losses on either side. But that did curtailed some personal logistic activities that got transferred to getting done via contracts. It also meant my younger trader spent more time doing trade activities hanging in Covert Ops Buzzard in the shadows of deadspace, checking and adjusting prices across an entire region with not much need to visit Solar Systems or Stations. He still got around to all the various regions just fine knowing the back alley’s of his home region taking different routes to different regions  and keeping watchful check of local activities of the enemy alliance.

After about 90 days of hanging out and just getting used to living in WH Space, not doing all that much overall I had my eldest character return to Known Space to help work on a few things. I’ll have him return to WH Space at some point soon. It feels really remote when I had him in WH Space, but I think he can still like it there in an odd sorta way.

Edited: 02/27/2013 – Error with Contracts



  • No recent activity for Mr Chant on zkillboard, I’d assume he accepted it then stopped logging in.

  • Oh thanks for checking. Well maybe he was drunk when he accepted the contract and forgot to deliver it somehow.

  • Ah…. that’s not actually what happens when you double wrap a courier contract.

    The contractor can see everything inside (except for mods/cargo on an assembled ship) and can break any number of layers of packaging (as can someone who’s looted the package).

    The advantage of double wrapping is simply that Cargo scanning doesn’t show the contents of the interior package (simply showing a package).

    • You are indeed correct. Had a package of my own in hangar and went back to double check that and it pretty much as you stated above about the Contractor. I had thought at one time some time ago attempting to use the “Open Package” option caused the contract to fail or maybe it’s actually going as far as attempting to remove any the content in the contract, I can’t remember exactly. I know “Breaking Package” does but not sure about the Open Package option. May have to check that later when have some more time maybe.

      But yeah Double Wrapped Cargo Scanning don’t show the contents thats all wrapped up inside.

      • I think Open Package has the same effect as “Open Container” does on any other can. That is to say, it opens the inventory window. But since I always check the interior using Unified inventory, I’m not 100% sure.

  • Mr. Chant is a well-known Jita scammer. I’m embarrassed to say he successfully pulled the trade window price switch scam on me a month or two ago.

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